Windows Phone apps from the UK are mango ready

Today is a good day for Windows Phone as our Mango release starts rolling out across the world. I’m especially pleased to hear many of my UK friends have already upgraded – this is truly a global rollout.

It’s also a good week for fans of UK media (i.e. me) when it comes to Windows Phone applications with two especially good apps arriving this week – one is an update, the other, totally new.

First up is the BBC Radio app from Igneous Software. Building in their previous applications that had one channel per app, this new version gives you streamed BBC Radio in a clean, elegant Metro style interface. The trial version is free and gives you 7 channels, the paid version is £0.99/$1.29 and includes every channel the Beeb offers. I’ve been using it this week to listen to Radio 5 Live coverage while I drive in to work, streamed over 3G. Grab it now from the marketplace.

SS 4 SS 6


Second up is The Guardian application that is mango fresh and splendidly good looking. It supports multiple live tiles, podcasts and much more. The Guardian has one very neat feature that I wish other apps had – a button that takes you back to the home screen of said application. Handy. It’s also available now – check out the new web based marketplace to find out more and download for free. 


If you have a Windows Phone, now is the time go plug in and grab the upgrade to 7.5 (aka Mango)…it’s getting rave review, but don’t take my word for it.