Travel planning with Microsoft OneNote

I travel a fair amount and I’m always looking for a good way to organize everything I need when I go – I use services like TripIt and Dopplr but think I may have found another tool to add to my kit bag – using OneNote to create a TripBook.

A new site from the OneNote team hosts TripBooks from 40 bloggers who are way ahead of me  – each publishing a one-day traveller’s log for a different city, for Around the World in 40 Days. A new destination shows up each day with New York, Jerusalem, Melbourne, Oslo, Reykjavik and many others already there. The bloggers have used OneNote to organize reservation and schedule information, take notes on their experience, add photos and video, and collect relevant links in one place. Nice.

I like what the team has done with the site too – the way Bing maps flow in to the background as you click o a city and you can download the TripBook for each city if you have OneNote already, view in the web app if you don’t or download a trial version.


Not so keen on sharing? No problem, you can keep it private and sync it with your smartphone to ensure you have all the essentials with you when and add pictures that you snap on the go.

I’ve never totally got the OneNote bug but this may be the start.