Available now: Security update for Internet Explorer

Today, Microsoft released a security update for Internet Explorer, that we blogged about earlier this week.

You probably already have automatic updates enabled and will not need to take any action. The update will be downloaded and installed automatically. If you’re unsure if you have automatic updates, or if you haven’t already enabled automatic updating, now is the time.

Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, however, we decided to issue a security update for our Windows XP customers. We continue to encourage our customers to upgrade to a modern operating system, such as Windows 7 or 8.1 and use Internet Explorer 11, the latest version of our web browser.

We encourage you to take steps that protect your computer such as enabling a firewall, applying all software updates, and installing antivirus and antispyware software.

Stay up-to-date with the latest version of Internet Explorer.

For more information, please see the Official Microsoft blog

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  1. Anonymous

    New computer, automatic updates, Norton  

    did a search for hidden object games and clicked on a site, a msg came on the screen that said to call 18553055106, I called and they said they were Microsoft agents and would fix my computer.  I disconnected the call figuring it to be some kind of scan but it has basically hijacked my computer, what should I do?

  2. Anonymous

    So, what do you do if you've been hacked by this monster?

    I believe I may have been.

  3. Anonymous

    What if I don't know whether I have enabled automatic updates?  How do I check?  If I don't, how do I install only this 'fix'?

  4. Anonymous

    What if I don't want automatic updates enabled, and prefer to pick-and-choose updates instead. Will I unable to download and install the patch for the latest Internet Exporer vulnerability?

  5. Anonymous

    I HATE this new security on outlook.  Every 30 days I have to jump through hoops to check my stupid email!  

  6. Anonymous

    how can I get rid of the other internet security that keeps popping up

  7. Anonymous

    How to install the new IE when Admin have blocked install option?

    Please help me be secure. Is there a bypass for Admin like there was in Windows Vista? If so how do run it?

  8. Anonymous

    why dont you tell us what the security update number is that has the patch?  This seems like common sense.

  9. Anonymous

    If I cannot download the entire security program, but need to download the Internet Explorer Security patch, where can I find that?

  10. Anonymous

    All I want to say right now is that at this moment, I hate you, Microsoft! Periodically, you make it impossible to get onto my hotmail account. Then I go to watch one of your videos about security, and it's full of gobbledegook, like it's made for computer geeks. I am not a computer geek. I need simple to follow instructions that make sense. I want into my hotmail account. I don't understand why I cannot access it. I tried to use the "chat with tech support" button, and it wouldn't work, either. I am very frustrated.

  11. Anonymous

    So, thank you for issuing an security update for XP for this IE problem – lots of us are still on XP. I haven't changed any settings, so will XP automatically update that security fix, or do I have to do it manually somehow. If manual, how?

  12. Anonymous

    I have a Hotmail. E mail that i cant come in to.     I miss somethings before and now you make it impossible to get it back.  I am the person who have the email , what to do?  Kenneth Nilsson.   Now i have to use another email.          Please mail me what to do.

  13. Anonymous

    it is informed that it is second time that i face problem form ur side to sign in @hotmail.com why u need security code again i dont have any security code and why i face trouble, i have no time to use security facility plz remember that next time i dont need security process etc.  


  14. Anonymous

    I have not been able to check and see if my computer has gotten the IE security update issued 5/1/14.  I have Windows XP but your blog states the update was also issued for the XP.  My computer is set for automatic updates but I cannot open the program to check for the update.  Will my Windows XP get the IE security update and when will I get it?

  15. Anonymous

    Have you patched the breach for heart bleed?  This is the most important issue if the day and we your customers need to know what its status is.  Thank you

  16. Anonymous

    so let me get this straight. MS wants me to use a program that is a security risk (IE), in order to download a security patch to fix this same security risk. Where is the logic in that? Why can't MS just do things in a straight forward manner? i.e. post a link where I can download [IE8-WindowsXP-KB2964358-x86-ENU.exe] and fix  this problem. Answer… too easy, not convoluted enough, take your pick. Because of the Swiss cheese-spaghetti code that  is IE, I have never used it and never will. So why do I need a security patch for it?

    Cogent/sensible reply's appreciated.

  17. Anonymous

    I'd be really nice to download and install the security update for IE without having to subscribe to automatic updating…

  18. Anonymous

    How do I get the security update WITHOUT enabling automatic updates which often screw with my computer, restart when I don't want it to and generally mess up things.

    We have seen it too often where automatic updates screws up macros, software settings and ways of working. This is an important security update for IE so why can't I get it MYSELF and make sure it is installed??

  19. Anonymous

    Does the IE update have a "KBxxxxxx" identification

  20. Anonymous

    I am trying to get e-mail  My server is ATT 

  21. Anonymous

    How do I know when I get Mocrosoft updates that they are from the real thing and not a virus?

    I have heard that people are using this option to introuce virus into computers with XP operating systems. Can you tell me how can be sure the updates are coming from Microsoft and not somebody else?

    How can I get a microsoft rep to talk to directly? I have a stop so any updates coming in are not automatically installed.. But why do they keep coming in if Microsoft is not providing any more support for Windows XP users. I prefer XP over any of the other operating systems and I plan to continue using it until this computer stops working. R. J. Callejas

  22. Anonymous

    how mush security is recamended for computer windows and potection?

  23. Anonymous

    I have complied with all of the above suggestions.  Does this mean I am safe from this latest security breach?

  24. Anonymous

    I heard that Internet Explorer was infected with a serious virus.  I haven't heard any updates.  When will it be safe to use I.E. again?

  25. Anonymous

    I checked with my comcast.net company to determine if your problem of using IE is ok to use and I  was informed that they have not received any info to determine if it was ok to use your program and suggested  I continue to use Google Chrome  What is the true story ?  

  26. Anonymous

    media said not to use internet explorer because of security breach,   Has the issue been resolved yet?

  27. Anonymous

    Is there any support from your side necessary to unistall MS-Essential completely from my XP-PC, in order to install another protection-programm?

  28. Anonymous

    I have been recieving phone calls from people claiming to be from Microsoft Technical Support and they7 have foun d that my computer is infected.  I checked with my computer tech who told me that Microsoft does not CALL PEOPLE and so I checked with Comcast who is my internet provider.  They know of the scam calls but did nothing.  I tried to contact Microsoft and what I thought was Microsoft was Omni Tech and he cost me over $1200. and 8 hours on the phone to try and repair my computer and I don't know if it happened or not.  I also contacted my local police department because if people are calling to claim that they are from Microsoft and scamming then people need to be aware of this>  I was told that a keystroke hack was put on my computer and so sensitive data was stolen.  IS that true, the police knew of nothing like that?

  29. Anonymous

    Is there a patch for ie9 on vista. Update does not pick up a fix like xp ie8 or windows 7 ie11

  30. Anonymous

    please help me get all the websites and games fixed im sad it doesnt work please help me i love you enternet

  31. Anonymous

    the windows update is still running hours later. had to turn off computer. happens often. I can't turn on windows security.

  32. Anonymous

    So why don't you just give the link to download it and/or check if automatic downloads HAS updated this security problem- don't make it a guessing game or a hunt!  Can't you just make things quick, clear cut & simple for people?

  33. Anonymous

    I just had a phone call from someone asking me to type something into my computer.  I could barely understand him.  I hung up on him.

  34. Anonymous

    I just received a call from someone claiming to be with Microsoft claiming my computer was sending out signals that there was a virus and my computer was subject to crashing at any moment. His caller ID number was 800-733-7982. He had a very strong India accent. When I started questioning him he hung up. When I called the number back I received a message that "the number is no available in your calling area". Sounds like a scam to me. Wish Microsoft had a telephone number I and others could call to discuss such phone calls. Would think you would want to do something about someone claiming to be with your company.

  35. Anonymous

    This is related to Karen's (5 May 2014 2:26PM) mail.  I too have been receiving calls from the same people.  I would just hang up but they continued to call.  Today, I decided to see what they were looking for.  The caller said micro soft was receiving messages from my computer showing it was infected with something and he needed me to go into my computer and do exactly what he needed me to do.  He asked me to hold down the micro soft button and hit R (for remote I assume).  As I spoke to him he was pretty insistent that I go onto my computer and follow the instructions he was giving me.  I told him I couldn't talk and asked for his number so I could call him back, which he gave me.  He identified himself as James Wright, badge #1075 1-866-539-8674.  (He was of Indian decent which I could barely understand, and I could hear numerous voices in the back ground talking.) He wanted me to call back as soon as possible…..   AMAZING……….

  36. Anonymous

    I received a email from Microsoft saying someone in Korea logged in to my account, having been trying to find out if it is real or a scam.  No one at Microsoft to talk to.

  37. Anonymous

    sounds like our F.C.C. needs to step up to the plate? Man-up Feds earn ur keep!

  38. Anonymous

    Thanx so Much for the update's and download's. Kevin Kennedy_END MESSAGE.

  39. Anonymous

    The auto-update for IE9 on MS Vista fails to install.  Based on traffic on various Internet forums, this problem is common.  None of the proposed fixes in the MS knowledge base work… and this is also apparently known by MS (again, based on traffic in the forums).

    Is this just another half-assed job by MS or is MS actually going to adddress the problem?

  40. Anonymous

    Hi just been contacted by a guy said he was from Microsoft and that my computer  has been hacked he then said to go to my computer to fix the problem. Put phone down but he ring back has any one els had a call like this sounds iffy to me.

  41. Anonymous

    It is not available on my automatic update.  Please give me a link so I can manually install the fix for ie-8 on vista. I've serached MS site and can't find any link.  When I indicate that a link was "not helpful" and the feedback box comes up, I can type in my feedback, but then there's no submit button.  Please provide a readily accessible link for manually installing the fix. Thank you.

  42. Anonymous

    argh since this update ie11 wont work if it opens at all it just goes to blank page, also outlook 2007 is stuck in constant contacting server loop. ;(

  43. Anonymous

    How can I get on my computer, if I can't use internet exployer? Some one let me know please

  44. Anonymous

    Ending XP is one thing but removing your security is nothing but a THOUGHTLESS MISTAKE !!

  45. Anonymous

    I' have claimed several times concerning with my Microsoft ID problem, when i Signed in the sms came and said that "it looks like some one else use my ID" when I tried to verified it , because i missed some of my information to very it so  I can not proceeding with my Microsoft ID.  I am a victim on this so, plz if there is any possible way i need my Microsoft ID, because i dont want new but i need the local

  46. Anonymous

    I spoke to a good friend of mine who runs his own local computer shop and custom builds computers, as well as custom built my own computer for me. He has been dealing with computers for more then 20 years! He told me, that since Microsoft issued a patch this past Thursday, for all Windows versions, including Windows XP surprisingly,  to counter-act a virus, that hit IE, as well as Adobe Flash this past Tuesday, then IE, as well as Adobe Flash, should be OK and that computer users, can go ahead and start using IE again! If my friend says that it's safe to start using IE again, then I trust his opinion! Because he has never steered me wrong!

  47. Anonymous

    my account hacked and using by other by activating facebook with my account and I am getting facebook mail from unknown persons in my hotmail account. Please do something for this and help me to overcome this problem…

  48. Anonymous

    I have a computer running XP which is currently not being used.  I am , therefore, using a pretty secure public com-puter with mozilla firefox.  I have been unable to access my hotmail inbox and have gotten a new email address @ gmail.  My account with microsoft goes back many years and I remained a dial-up user.  I am still being billed for monthly dial-up charges although my computer is not being used anymore.  I need to know how to remedy this.  I need to be able to transfer contacts, etc. when I get a new home computer and new IP.  Please advise.  Also, I am anxious to get back into my email asap.

  49. pjholmes1@outlook.com

    I hate to rain on everybody's wonderful experience with Windows XP put the party is over. I loved XP too, I did not want to see the change. They had a perfectly good OS that majority of users liked. I decided to buy a new desk top Windows 8 and free upgrade to 8.1 and it is awesome. I think if you give it a try you will find the same thing idea, user friendly, and Microsoft support on this New OS is very good.  I have really had no issues with system, it updates great and windows defender is a very good defense. It will also allow you to use other spy ware programs, just turn defender off, and this helps in tracking issues that defender may not have detected. Remember, there is not one virus program on the market that detects all virus issues. Give it a try, I think you will like it. Your going to have to eventually, so get in now while in early stages, this is only a suggestion please no nasty letters back, I am just trying to give you a different perspective.  

  50. Anonymous

    Yep I have been receiving these scam calls for months. First they said they were from Microsoft in Tampa with an Indian accent. Very insistant I give him my computer ID #, which I refused and told him I will take computer to the IT person at the university. He kept insisting they were getting messages my computer was infected. Well months later same call, but now from a different company name not Microsoft. I cuss them out every time and tell them FBI knows about them so does Microsoft. FYI I did call Microsoft months ago, they said its a scam and do not give them any info, they will hijack the computer and hold it for ransom and want $$$$ which you will never get your computer back. Microsoft will never call you unless you have called them for a call back appointment. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR COMPUTER ID (KEY) WHEN THESE WORTHLESS IDIOTS CALL WITH INDIAN ACCENTS. THEY WANT TO STEAL YOU COMPUTER.!!!

  51. Anonymous

    I like the windows xp & I'll never understand why anyone has got to come up with new tech. when the one they have works so well.  I bought a computer that I thought I'd be able to use until i die. I think microsoft should keep supproting window xp from now -on. It's crazy to keep comming up with the next best thing if the one you've got work good enough. We should sue microsoft for mess leading us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Anonymous


  53. Anonymous


  54. Anonymous

    i see a lot of questions but no answers – i have the same questions.

  55. Anonymous

    I don't have windows X.P and your up date for April made my computer crash I have windows 7 64 bit Did one of your tech geeks try to take down windows 7 to sell more windows 8 ? just wondering had to do a systems restore to an earlier time, Windows 8 is great for some people ,BUT not every like a touch screen and not every ones  home is wired for fiber optics D.S.L. If a persons lives in a house built before 1990,  If they are Renting a home or condo,or apartment The owner of the property can refused to have D.S.L. providers install fiber optic and you will not have fast internet service, So windows 8 is of no use to us We are not defecting money, So even if we would like to buy a windows 8 computer it would be of no use to us where I live .The property own would not pay to have apartment equipped with fast internet ,same for some condo,and homes, Bill Gates lives East of my city and apartments in this city go for over 1000. a month ,no insulation crappy air condition , swamp  cooler,Yes I would move but most of us hold down 2 jobs to pay rent and gas to get to work, YOU PEOPLE NEED TO JOIN THE REAL WORLD MOST PEOPLE DO NOT EARN ENOUGH TO BUY A NEW COMPUTER,ON MIN.WAGE

  56. Anonymous

    I have been without the actual "use" of my computer for the last 2 weeks..I get in it as u can see, but my page and my account seems to be gone. When I turn it on all I get is a clock on the upper rt.corner and the rest just blank. I've tried everything..all my programs are gone. I have a Dell with Windows Vista (or had). I've tried to get my computer's set up as I had with my programs, etc…but nothing. I am having "withdrawal" sypmptoms..I'm housebound due to being very ill and my only entertainment is my computer, a Dell with Windows Vista. I've ran so many virus scans, etc..as I was told that it is sort of an "epidemic" but nothing works..I scan, the scan ends but nothing good comes out of it..what truly is going on??? is this the other side of the ocean playing cruel games with America or is this stupidity??? I want my stuff back!!!!!

  57. Anonymous

    about 4days ago, I opened the window to my computer to start my day as usual, checking on family/friends, etc..lo and behold, there was nothing but a blank page…all the icons for the programs were gone, I had no way of getting anything..I thought it was my ex boyfriend as he had just moved out of the house after 20yrs. of living as a couple. I was so hurt..but I am glad I did not say any thing to him as it looks like something serious here is going on with our networks/computers…why can the different companies/networks/providers, etc. get their heads together and try to see what the heck is going on??? Could it be a "payback time" for some of the things that have been going on with our govmt. and China, Russia, etc???? instead of on the "ground" war, it is now cyber war! Think about it.  American companies run and depend on computerized everything to keep them going…well, if anyone had any luck getting their problems resolve, please share it? Thanks and good luck to all of us.

  58. Anonymous

    cannot turn on updates. can i download directly.

  59. Anonymous

    i really wanna how  to verify my hot mail account wit out mobile and only with the laptop

  60. Anonymous

    I had not been able to get into my computer since last week..seems someone or some entity crash/deleted my FB page along with my Outlook/hotmail. I finally got back here a few days ago and lo and behold, I don't have any of the stuff I had as to contacts, messages, etc…it's like starting all over again. For someone my age and being very ill as I have been undergoing cancer therapy and the chemicals in the meds has turned my brain into a puzzle, I find it very hard to bring my stuff back. Lost all contacts, mail, FB which was my "entertainment/socializing" since I only go to my doctors and to get chemo treatments..so FB was my best friend…I am not technical so I need HELP!!!!!  Please, someone??? help me?

  61. Anonymous

    I have been trying to download and install current, important and critical updates for about the last ten days, with no success.  I was last able to install updates in mid April.  I cannot find any solutions on the Microsoft website or through my system. When I attempt to download updates I always get a failure notice, and an error code that I can't find anywhere in the Microsoft or Windows system (80070216).  Is this anyway to provide product support?  It's a wonder that anyone still uses your equipment, when your competitor – Apple has none of these problems, or at most just some of them.  If it were not for my Trend Micro Security software, the malware attacks would have overwhelmed and crashed my computer by now.  I have gotten as many as 1300 web threat attacks in one day, and despite all the attempts I make to download and install new security updates – I cannot make it happen.  I am running Windows 7 with IE 11.  I am ready to give up on your products.

  62. Anonymous

    Dear Sir,

    i have continuously received emails about my outlook account regarding storage limit exceeded, i want to know what kind of information asking about. last email received as below

    Re-Validate Your Account Now (Last Warning)‏‏‏

    Outlook Team (norepy.microsoftsecurity@comcast.net)  Add to contacts  4:08 PM   Keep this message at the top of your inbox  


    Dear Customer,

    *Your Windows Outlook Live account has exceeded its storage limit

    as set by our Administrator, and you will not be able to receive

    new emails until you Re-Validate your account to

    avoid suspension.

    Please click on the link below to Re-Validate your account.

    click here


    Windows Live ID Customer Support.

    Copyright 2014 Inc.

    All rights reserved. Terms of Service

  63. Anonymous

    SHAME ON MICROSOFT. Even old tv's and cars could be repaired and fixed for 25-30 years. If you are not going to keep those of us who used your product and services safe, then parter with someone reliable to continue to service and protect us.( Ie .. GM ans NAPA) and let us know who they are: with no monetary gains to you. In my opionion if CEO's and CFO's can make billions in bonuses and pay then you can afford to keep those of us who use your poduct safe and secure.You should be held liable if someone loses their lively hood  or  homes because their bank account info was stolen. You told us it was safe to bank and buy on line, now you remove our protection. again  In todays society computers have become a necessity , not a luxury. YOU TOLD US WHAT YOU WERE DOING , BUT YOU DID NOT HAVE SOMEONE IN THE WINGS TO HELP US. NOT EVERYON IS TECH SAVY NOR DO THEY HAVE THE MONEY TO PAY SOMEONE TO REPAIR THEIR COMPUTER OR THE MONE Y TO BUY ANOTHER COMUTER WITHOUT CREATING A HARDSHIP. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!  WONDER WHAT A CLASS ACTION SUITE WOULD COST YOU?

  64. Anonymous

    i cannot setup windows xp

  65. Anonymous

    Frequently when there is an automatic update done on my PC I have to reboot and or re-enable my network card. I have tried doing driver updates and Windows says I have the latest driver for my computer. Any ideas on how to avoid this nuisance?

  66. Anonymous

    I hate IE 11! It won't play videos, just sound; and all the fixes I have attempted don't work. IE 9 works fine on my computer, but my wife is stuck with IE 11 on her's. Also,  some sites I need  to upload information to are not compatible with IE 11, so I have made my default browser Mozilla Firefox on both of our computers!

  67. Anonymous

    The update there referring to isKB915597

  68. Anonymous

    SO you no longer will support X.P. and inform me that the best course of action is to buy a new computer !!!

    That is such an inconsiderate and arrogant suggestion it stuns me. However a new computer would be nice so when I can afford to I will buy a new(slightly used)  APPLE!!! Problems solved Fuhrer Gates!!

  69. Anonymous

    I clicked almost every link in this article hoped to get to the security update page or sort of steps to do. It returned nothing but those with marketing related page after page. It's hard to just get this update done. Microsoft's always far from where they are able to understand customers' needs.

  70. Anonymous

    Internet Explorer blocks everything that is posted on my computer which I still get anyway so what is the deal with this.

  71. Anonymous

    I also am frustrated with hotmail which I have always loved and had for a few years..my computer got "hacked" and  I have been trying to get it back to where it was but my hotmail is gone. I believe it's under OUTLOOK ?? It's so confusing when one is not a "tech"!!! HELP US!! things should be made simpler to understand! Please? 😉

  72. Anonymous

    It's all about the money isn't it really?

    (smile)  XP was just fine wasn't it?

    We'll soon be considering Apple/Mac along with hundreds of thousands

    of other XP'ers.  Not all the people are 'sheeple'.

  73. Anonymous

    I see your not answering any concerns being posted ! My next computor purchase will be apple ! As you are not concerned about your customers problems !!

  74. Anonymous

    What I don't understand is for all the questions we ask here, I've yet to see Microsoft answer ONE of them, so what good does it do to even ask a question here; it's not going to get answered????

  75. Anonymous

    I have Windows Vesta laded in my HP laptop & also paid for the MS Office 2008 while I was in Riyadh (KSA) of late I'm having alot of difficulty in logging into my Hotmail A/C & also the inter -connectivity to my Gmail A/C viewing. What's the problem? i fail to understand.So pl. help, intervene AAP, as it's an SOS status for me t the present moment!!  

    With best wishes & regards,  

  76. Anonymous


  77. Anonymous

    I have Windows Vista…about a month ago thanks to an ex-boyfriend messed me up as we shared a computer..never mind that I am the one who bought it.; anyway, I have been trying to get things back the way they were but it was impossible…lost it all, including my FB…I have cried, been depressed because I am very ill with cancer and the only entertainment I have is thru the computer and talking to my FB friens and my family…I've triend everything…I've gotten this far, but cannot remember my FB or my email pswds.., etc..I am very upset. I'd slap him and his new girllfriend if they were in front of me!! My question, other than hiring the Geeks is what can I do? Any of you know how to get it all back??!! Any suggestions?

  78. Anonymous

    I had Hotmail for years…then out of the blue, it was changed to Outlook….it seems that the more they try to help, the more complicated and scary things get!!! We need to keep things simpler or at least give instructions when things don't go right..by the way, instructions should be made understandble by non-geeks… Thanks.

  79. Anonymous

    I truly hate microsoft for this uneeded stupid update for hotmail.  If I need something more secure I will get it.  I have no other email address to send the code to, won't send it to my current email.  I am missing important emails while I wait for this stupid process to be over.  Fortunately I have a Mac laptop and will never use microsoft products again.  

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