What’s new in Windows 8

Windows 8 is now available to buy at the Microsoft Store and other retailers. You can also upgrade at Windows.com.

Windows 8 has several built-in security features that are built in and ready to go. Windows 8 also comes with Internet Explorer 10, designed with innovations that can help you control your personal information and be more aware of online threats.

Learn more about the security and privacy features and about additional security settings that you can use to help protect family members online.

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Eve Blakemore

Group Manager, Trustworthy Computing

Eve Blakemore is a Group Manager for Trustworthy Computing who delivers consumer guidance around the latest trends in security and privacy. Eve joined Microsoft in 1998 and has worked in corporate and field roles with Microsoft Learning, US Public Sector, Read more »

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  1. Anonymous

    i brought windows 8 pro well done as it dont work

  2. Anonymous

    I bought the windows 8 tonight and installed it but do not see aywhere on my computer where it is in. Please advise. I have paid for it and it has been charged to my bank account

  3. Anonymous

    The catastrophe of Windows 8 under Boot Camp on a MacBook Pro is quite astounding. The compatibility check gives no indication that the entire system is essentially incompatible with 8. Keyboard works only intermittently (so it's impossible to log in most of the time), trackpad doesn't work at all, screen refresh is frequently corrupted and the system runs about about 1/3 the speed overall. The only remedy is a clean reinstall of Win7, since there's no way to do an install-in-place from 8 to 7.

  4. Anonymous

    I have downloaded 8 pro on my laptop and desktop.  2 Different loads both are different not same info and files/apps- do I need to uninstall on both and reload both to get the same information on both?

  5. Anonymous

    Tried IE10 and it blew up my MSN Explorer browser.  Hope there is going to be a compatibility fix.

  6. Anonymous

    BTW……..the IE10 I tried was the release compatible with Win7.

  7. Anonymous

    I want to see if Windows 8 is compatible with my computer.

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