Make room for your new PC, laptop, or Xbox

Did you get a new computer or gaming system for the holidays and you want to get rid of your old one? Make sure you clear all the old files from your old PC before you recycle it. That way, if it falls into the wrong hands, a criminal won’t be able to access your personal information. If you want to transfer some of your old files, you can use Windows Easy Transfer.

Make sure you remove:

  • Email contacts and messages
  • Your documents
  • Your computer’s recycle bin or trash folder
  • Your Internet browser’s cache, cookies, and history

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    Thank you for the reminder.  I know some individuals who believe that the only way to truly ensure that all data is safely deleted and unrecoverable from a hard drive is to run it through a metal shredder.  I of course don't believe this at all.  And from the looks of this post, you don't seem to either.  

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  3. Anonymous

    how does the contents of this article relate to the title

    Pick up your game !!!

  4. Anonymous

    And then there's the guy in Colorado, USA the other day. He decided to burn his laptop in the fireplace. The Fire Department supposedly responded with a Hazardous Materials Team plus kept the neighborhood in their homes. The guy burning the the laptop was sent for mental evaluation. No joke, this was an actual news story.


    Woe!  Where on earth did you hear that?  What state was it in?  And heck yeah, I'd have sent that guy to the mental hospital too.  What was he trying to get out of it?  

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