Hang up on phone scams

If you receive a phone call from someone who claims to be from Microsoft and says that your computer has a virus, hang up.

This call is probably from a cybercriminal who wants to charge you for a bogus service or trick you into installing malicious software on your computer that could capture sensitive data. Then, they might even charge you to remove the software that they tricked you into installing.

Microsoft does not make unsolicited calls to ask for personal information or to charge you for computer updates. You can update your computer automatically and for free with Windows Update.

For more information, see Phone Scammers: Here to help…themselves.

If you think you might have already been a victim of this scam, learn how to report it.

Get more information about how to avoid tech support phone scams.

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  1. Anonymous

    I also got calls from these hackers. One told me he is from H B C Research & working on Microsoft Windows (7). stranger enough I started getting these calls after I registered my New

    Computer. . I started getting these calls  a couple weeks after I Registered my New Computer.

    I was told my computer is Infected with Trojans & Spyware, & is about to Crash. & offered to Help me. My response prompted him to hang up .

  2. Anonymous

    I just received a call from 425-406-9010 claiming they were from Windows support advising me I had a virus on my system that caused windows to send personal information out. They advised me I needed to follow thier directions to block windows from sending the information.

    Caller ID says the call was from V104U the phone number (524-406-9010) in registered in Kirkland, Washington. The person spoke with an accent and was hard to understand. They would not put another person on the phone.

  3. Anonymous

    hi, yep  get them all the time, they also say they are from windows, and they  can  get nasty, i have had them ph  me  1am and 5am in the morning , wish  someone could do somethin

  4. Anonymous

    I got a call telling me my computer had dnloaded viruses and malware. I let her finish talking before informing her we don't even have one. I'm on my phone right now ; )

  5. Anonymous

    I just received a call similiar to Dale Hicks but the number is 425-406-9020, other wise was identical. Is this the latest scam?

  6. Anonymous

    Received such a call from Vfix.biz.  I fell for it.  Are they legit?  

  7. janicesheller@yahoo.com

    Thanks for the heads up! This information helps update everyone about the nature of the scam.

    This is why I never pick up anonymous calls. I just let the answering machine take it. Anyway, if it's an important call, the caller will leave a message.

  8. janicesheller@yahoo.com

    And whenever I get suspicious calls, I get the phone number and post a warning at http://www.callercenter.com to let everybody know. It helps.

  9. katherine.moss@gordon.edu

    These people don't quit, do they/  Don't you wonder when this will finally get old for these nutcases?  

  10. Anonymous

    Received a call this morning from someone claiming to be from Microsoft and they wanted to fix my computer over the phone. Weird thing is my computer crashed just the other day so I thought this was legit. He asked me to push and hold the windows button and then press the letter "r" a screen came up and he asked me to enter http://www.support.me then enter a password to connect to their server. I found this odd and frankly I didn't feel comfortable doing this. I sent a message to a good friend who owns a computer business and he said DO NOT ACCEPT THIS .. Hang up its a scam. So I told the guy on the phone that I was on the other line with Microsoft and that they told me they would NEVER contact someone on the phone.He hung up. I cant believe they almost had me! the number they told me to call back was 1-888-226-6073. The guy was quite rude and insisted he only wanted to "help" me…

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