Hotmail hacked? Change your password

We received this email message from a reader:

“My Hotmail account keeps getting hacked and my
contacts are getting a message from me requesting money. I had gotten two [email
messages] from Microsoft asking me to confirm my Hotmail account with my password.
It happened twice and I thought it was authentic. I am thinking that it was a

This is a scam. Microsoft does not send
unsolicited email asking for your Hotmail password. You should not send
passwords, user names, or other sensitive information in an email message.

For more information about these kinds of scams, see Avoid scams
that use the Microsoft name fraudulently

What should you do?

If you still have access to your account, you should change
your Hotmail password
. Use our
password checker
to make sure your new password is strong.

For more information and to find out what to do if you no
longer have access to your account, see Recent
reports of account hijacks


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Eve Blakemore

Group Manager, Trustworthy Computing

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  1. Anonymous

    Why does Hotmail get hacked so often, anyways?  Seems to be very unsecure.  I get crazy e-mails with links in the messages, from people in my contact list, on a regular basis.  Then found that everyone was getting them from myself.  I changed my password and haven't had problems since.  But why is this such a regular occurance?

  2. Anonymous

    I cannot log on with any email name, says password is incorrect.When I log off, how will I get back on with a password unaccepted?

  3. Anonymous

    Why am I not getting a password reset?  When will someone email me a temp. password?   Also…I have not had netzero in 5 years.  Someone please email a password so I can get started.

  4. Anonymous

    My hotmail account was recently hacked and someone sent junk emails to several people in my contact list.  I checked the headers of the suspect emails and found out the hacker's IP address (  After doing a IP address search, I found the following information:

    % [ node-1]

    % Whois data copyright terms…/dbcopyright.html

    inetnum: –

    netname: NETMAGIC-NET


    country: IN

    admin-c: SS87-AP

    tech-c: SS87-AP

    mnt-by: APNIC-HM

    mnt-lower: MAINT-IN-NETMAGIC

    changed: 20000324


    source: APNIC

    person: Sharad Sanghi

    address: Mehra Industrial Estate,

    address: Near Asha Usha Compound ,

    address: LBS Marg Vikhroli(W),

    address: Mumbai – 400 079

    country: IN

    phone: +91 022-67851799

    phone: +91 022-40411799

    fax-no: +91 22-67851501

    fax-no: +91 22-40411501


    nic-hdl: SS87-AP


    changed: 20090923

    changed: 20090928

    changed: 20090930

    source: APNIC

    Can you please take the necessary action to ensure that this person ceases and desists hacking my account any further?  Thank you.

  5. Anonymous

    My account was hacked.  Things like this should never happen.  I have changed my password and plan to do so again in a month and again after that.

  6. Anonymous

    I wanted to change my passsword for msn messenger  but when I whent to the site to change  it had changed from english to thai why is this what can I do  to keep english as my main language on all sites etc''


  7. Anonymous

    i went into work today and my manager asked me about an e mail i had sent telling the company who i work for who will remain anonymous that i have the solution to everybodies money worries. However i do not and i am not excactly flush myself. I believe my e mail account has been hacked beware of the address

  8. Anonymous

    If I could sign in I could change my password but i can't so how can i change my password?

  9. Anonymous

    my hotmail acount has been hacked and I can't access it to shut it down!!! I need some assistance feel soo helpless!

  10. Anonymous

    my hotmail account was hijacked this morning and now I have no access to it or to my pictures and letters I saved

  11. Anonymous

    I got hacked and changed my password once. Now, I am not allowed to do it again. It says (after many variations, from simple to complex) that my password contains characters not allowed. What is going on? Does this lack of control mean I am still hacked?

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