Adobe Reader Protected Mode: more collaboration to protect customers

Jeremy Dallman here. This morning Brad Arkin via the Adobe ASSET team blog announced their upcoming release of Adobe Reader Protected Mode. I wanted to take a moment to congratulate Adobe Security and the Adobe Reader team on reaching this significant milestone. As Brad mentioned in his blog post, Microsoft worked with Adobe on the design model for this security feature. This work was part of the ongoing collaboration between the Microsoft SDL team and the Adobe ASSET team. We were glad to introduce the Adobe Reader team to the Microsoft Office team and have them work closely with David LeBlanc,  Dan Jump and  other members of the Microsoft Office security team to leverage Microsoft’s sandboxing knowledge and experience. Adobe Reader Protected Mode is based on Microsoft’s Practical Windows Sandboxing technique.

We look forward to the release of the Adobe Reader Protected Mode feature and the protections it will provide our mutual customers.

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  1. Anonymous

    Do you see any possibility that this sort of architecture could be made more accessible to developers, perhaps even a framework of some kind? Is MS working on that?

  2. Anonymous

    my laptop is responding a little faster

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