New addition to the starting line-up…

Wanted to drop a quick note to introduce the latest member of the SDL team – Katie Moussouris!

Many of you may already know Katie from her past work on the MSRC Ecosystem Strategy Team or her tenure at Symantec and @Stake.

Katie has joined the SDL team to help drive crucial elements of our SDL outreach effort; her primary responsibility will be managing our relationships with security consulting and training partners. She’ll additionally be tasked with ongoing analysis of the SDL – with a goal of assisting industry verticals that are looking to apply the SDL in critical computing scenarios.

It goes without saying that she will be a regular contributor on the SDL Blog – but given her expertise, it’s likely she’ll continue to blog on an occasional basis over on Ecostrat…

Anyway – here’s Katie in her own words!

Katie Moussouris is a Senior Security Program Manager in the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) Outreach Team, working to bring Microsoft’s SDL to partners, vendors and customers in order to improve the security of the Internet as a whole. Katie began her nerdy life programming her C64 in grade school, writing her own Zork-like text-based adventure – which was of limited use, since she had no friends and she knew all the puzzles in her own game.  Good thing she eventually left her room and found some like-minded people at a local 2600 meeting.

Katie’s professional background is application security, having come from Symantec by way of the @stake acquisition. Katie founded the Microsoft Vulnerability Research Program (MSVR), extending the focus of Microsoft’s security vulnerability research to third party software.  Katie also founded and ran the Symantec Vulnerability Research Program, the first program of its kind in Symantec’s history to allow the publication through Responsible Disclosure of original vulnerability advisories discovered by Symantec researchers. In addition to performing security research, Katie has been an application penetration tester for Fortune 500 companies across numerous industries. She has uncovered serious vulnerabilities during the course of her work before they could be widely exploited by hooligans and criminals for either fun or profit, respectively.

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