Major Rights Management Update to Office and Azure

For many of the CISOs I talk to regularly, data leakage prevention continues to be a topic of high interest. Whether using either a cloud service or an on premise solution there are a number of reasons that it is important to protect the workplace documents you share with others. To date, data protection technologies have become increasingly more complex in order to support the number of devices and platforms that are intended to consume the content. In some cases we have seen organizations forgo these vital controls simply due to a lack of graceful and/or effective solutions.

If this is a concern that your organization has been facing, then I strongly encourage you to check out the new Azure Rights Management features that were revealed in this new blog post by the Microsoft Rights Management (RMS) Team.  The article details an update to Rights Management Services (RMS) and discusses a number of new features that they have added in response to industry trends and, more importantly, direct customer feedback from their Customer Advisory Board.

A common customer ask is that Microsoft provide built-in support for RMS into Microsoft Office on the most common platforms that customers ask for including Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android Tablet, and Windows Phone. Microsoft is working to provide a comprehensive solution, but customers can now use the RMS app for Windows new Share Protected button (below) to support the secured sharing of Office documents in advance of the native Office support.


Here is an example of this same RMS protected spreadsheet being rendered on multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android Tablet, and Windows Phone.



There are a number of other features that you may also find important, such as:

  • A new admin console to create, manage, and learn about policy templates.
  • The ability to leverage new RMS features without cloud dependency to keep your encryption keys on premise.
  • Improved logging capabilities to allow you to keep track of your sensitive data.

For additional details on the new RMS features and for links to supporting content and downloads, you should visit this the Microsoft RMS team blog: Major Update: Improved Office file support + Service improvements

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