Microsoft “Trust Centers” provide integral information for Cloud-related decisions

Security, privacy, compliance and transparency are essential elements for building trust between a cloud service provider and its customers.

Knowing this, we continue to further strengthen encryption to protect customer data, design and maintain services that meet government and industry compliance standards, and increase protection from government snooping.

In addition, customers tell us they’d like more information as to how we protect data, certifications that our services have obtained, and how we address security in the cloud. To address these questions, we’ve put together a number of resources on four Cloud Trust Centers:

• Office 365 Trust Center
• Microsoft Azure Trust Center
• Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trust Center
• Windows Intune Trust Center

You’ll also find technical resources, whitepapers, and frequently asked questions about how to implement our services and maintain compliance with key regulations.

Here’s just a sampling of what’s on the Trust Centers:

• Top 10 security and privacy features of Office 365
• Location of customer data within Windows Intune and Microsoft Azure
• From Inside the Cloud video series, where customers can hear how we design and manage Office 365, directly from the engineers who build and run the service
• How we use your data and regulatory compliance information (Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online)

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Adrienne Hall

General Manager, Trustworthy Computing

Adrienne Hall is a General Manager in the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing group, where she leads a team of information technology (IT) professionals who are focused on the security, privacy, reliability, and accessibility of devices and services built on Microsoft technology. Read more »