The Evolving Pursuit of Privacy

In my role, I have the opportunity to discuss privacy with a wide variety of people – Microsoft’s customers and partners, policymakers, advocates and industry colleagues. In recent weeks, I participated in many such conversations at the RSA Conference and the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Global Privacy Summit. While there may be variations in our discussions, some themes are consistent, including the expectation that we not only build strong privacy protections into our products and services, but that we also act as responsible stewards of data. As technology and our reliance on data to enable rich services continue to evolve, we must also evolve how we think about data and the ways in which societies can protect the privacy of individuals, while also allowing for responsible, beneficial data use. Scott Charney, Corporate Vice President of Trustworthy Computing, shared his thoughts on this topic during keynote speeches at the RSA Conference and the IAPP summit. He recently provided an overview of Microsoft’s perspective in a Huffington Post blog. I encourage you to take a look at Scott’s post for more on how Microsoft thinks about “the path forward,” and click through to our recent whitepapers on the topic, “Data Protection Principles for the 21st Century” and “Data Use and Global Impact.”    

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Brendon Lynch

Chief Privacy Officer, Microsoft

Brendon Lynch is the Chief Privacy Officer of Microsoft Corp., where he is responsible for creating and implementing privacy policy across the company, and influencing the creation of privacy and data protection technologies for customers. Brendon also serves on the Read more »