Genetec broadens its business with Microsoft cloud

Today at the CSA Congress, I had the opportunity to give a presentation on how organizations can benefit from cloud computing and some of the ways Microsoft is working to build trust in the cloud. We know that cloud providers can help improve security and reliability for their customers, while giving them more time to focus on running their own businesses.

I also talked about some of Microsoft’s customers that see cloud services as an important strategic asset that helps grow their businesses and deliver more value to their own customers. One of those companies is Genetec, which provides Internet Protocol (IP) video surveillance and other security services in over 80 countries.

Genetec, which is based in Montreal, Canada, was looking for ways to grow its business by making its services available to smaller organizations. Its new cloud based video management software solution called ‘Stratocast’ provides an affordable option for smaller customers, without requiring them to manage and store their own video images on site.

Genetec chose to build Stratocast using Windows Azure Platform as a Service. By managing the service remotely, Genetec can offer strong security protections and reliable service at lower costs to the customer.

In fact, the new service proved attractive to enterprise customers as well. Several larger customers chose Stratocast to help them extend their services to smaller field offices.

There’s more detail in a newly released case study about Genetec, and I encourage you to give it a read.

It was a fantastic experience presenting at CSA Congress. The event provides a great opportunity to make some new friends connect with some impressive industry pros.  It was also great to check out the Expo and see the increasing breadth of cloud services and solutions available.

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