Windows Phone 7 Xbox ad

Windows Phone 7 lets you play Xbox games without your girlfriend knowing…apparently. I’m convinced the avatar in this advert is modeled on someone I know here at Microsoft…but I’m not … Read more »

From Photoshop to Photosynth

Photosynth hearts Photoshop: Microsoft Research has released a free download to allow panoramic stitched images to uploaded to the Photosynth web service directly from Photoshop or Photoshop elements. 

The Microsoft Factory Tour

We’re planning to take you on a Factory Tour of Microsoft and partnering with our friends at Channel 9, here’s the first installment. A behind the scenes look at our … Read more »

Welcome to Next at Microsoft

Next at Microsoft – it’s a new place for stories about Microsoft. Stories about people, places, products, trends in technology as well as stories from outside Microsoft about how our … Read more »