Microsoft for Startups Hosts Startup Showcase at NRF 2018

| MSNY Staff

For as long as we’ve entered the sales market, Microsoft technology has been poised as a leader in retail. And at NRF 2018, the National Retail Federation’s yearly “Big Show,” we were thrilled to continue showcasing our leadership in sales and technology. While the Big Show took place, however, we jumped at the opportunity to showcase other leaders in retail who are making a difference through new, innovative technologies.

Tereza Nemessyanyi, East Coast Startup Evangelist Lead for CSE Americas at Microsoft

While hundreds of companies and experts in retail attended the Big Show downtown, Microsoft hosted a special event at our Flagship Store on 5th Avenue. Spearheaded by Tereza Nemessyanyi, East Coast Startup Evangelist Lead for CSE Americas at Microsoft, some of the world’s top retail startups came to Microsoft to pitch to NRF attendees and present their methods of innovation.

The Microsoft Startup Showcase featured the following startups:

We also ran an exhibit of four different startups — FOKO, AmperityCiValue, and Syte— throughout the week, where attendees could approach the startups at an exhibit board and learn about their product. We were excited to see our showcase startups make connections with attendees, with one executive in attendance asking if they could bring them to their IT team, to evaluate what technologies they may need.

One highlight of the showcase was our ability to bring our spotlight startups onto Series A: The Podcast, a project by Jim Brisimitzis, head of Microsoft for Startups. Jim interviewed each startup to explore key trends in retail innovation and to share their experiences from the showcase.

We’re looking forward to seeing these startups grow, and to support more retail startups at the next NRF.

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