Looking Forward in Civic Tech: Code for America Summit and Beyond

Every year, thousands of people gather at the Code for America Summit to discuss how technology can improve our governments and the services that they provide. I had the pleasure of attending the Summit this year in Oakland, CA alongside colleagues from Microsoft and friends from various sectors, all of whom are passionate about advancing a 21st century government by the people, for the people.

If you didn’t make it to Oakland, come to the Civic Hall farewell party followed by a recap of the CFA Summit on Friday!

Jen Pahlka, founder and Executive Director of Code for America, kicked off the Summit with an overview of Code for America, a non-partisan, non-political organization that employs civic technology experts and supports a network of over 80 “Brigades” (local volunteer groups) nationwide. Many of these groups showcased their current efforts at the Summit, including projects related to food assistance programs, criminal justice, and others.

Code for America Summit 2016

This year’s CFA Summit included many fantastic speakers, starting with Cecilia Muñoz (Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council), who praised the growing role of technology in government:

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