Civic Tech Events This October in NYC

| MSNY Staff


Autumn has arrived! As the seasons change, one thing stays the same: civic tech never stops. Join us this month at these top events around the city:

October 4

From Data with ❤ : Adventures in Data Science w/ Ron Paul, Facebook, & Kanye West

Many of the human skills required for data science are often overshadowed by the more technical components. Statistics, computer science, R, and SQL are indeed important, however, softer skills such as having an eye for a good question, being scrappy, and being able to tell a compelling story are just as important to real-world data science.

In his talk, Hamdan will discuss his journey in data science, drawing upon his experiences working for Ron Paul, at Facebook, and from his side life as a journalist.
He will also discuss his recent work in emoji data science, in which he uses Twitter data to understand how people use emojis to talk about topics like the feud between Taylor Swift and Kanye West, Brexit, the Olympics, and more.

October 5

Northside Innovation Meetup

Data & the Customer: The latest, innovative ways companies are using data to increase sales

Join us for Northside Innovation’s Meetup on Wednesday, October 5th, where we’ll be exploring how brands are using data to impact product development and how they use their marketing dollars. You’ll leave this meetup a smarter executive or small business owner and a more savvy consumer. Don’t miss it!

October 6

Digital and Environmental Justice in the Era of Climate Change

As global institutions like the United Nations turn to their attention to human rights and climate change, local groups have been fostering the links between natural environments and digital environments for more than a decade.

Join New America’s Resilient Communities program, along with representatives from Detroit and Philadelphia Digital Justice Coalitions and other local groups, to release the new Resilient Networks principles and discuss how technology can make local voices more loudly heard.

October 6

October 2016 NY Tech Meetup and Afterparty

Join fellow technologists for an evening of live demos from companies developing great technology in New York, followed by a networking afterparty.

October 6

Agents of Mutation: The Evolution and Growth of Urban Innovation w/MIT DesignX

We live in an era of urban challenges. Transportation systems fraught with inefficiencies and emissions; sanitary water crises; food production cost versus sustainability; governance and social justice… urban imperatives rise as our cities grow larger and more diverse. But a powerful convergence of technology, innovation, and political will is bringing a groundswell of opportunity.

The question, then, is twofold: first, how to generate urban innovation? and second, how to integrate that innovation into the archaic cities we have inherited?

Answers are diverse, spanning a wide spectrum of stakeholders, actors, creators and consumers – the ‘agents of mutation’ that will shape the evolution and growth of cities. Future craft is a new model for enmeshing designers and the public to co-create cities. DesignX ignites design pedagogy and re-directs innovation toward tangible implementation. Dynamic Policy Architecture implicates districts in a process of symbiotic regulatory and technical experimentation for metropolitan technologies. We are at a crossroads; the future of cities is being cast. Join the debate.

October 7

The New Yorker TechFest

David Remnick, the editor of The New Yorker, hosts a full-day program exploring the most compelling stories in technology today. Global leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, and thinkers join New Yorker writers and editors to discuss the innovations that are shaping our world.

October 11

#TEPNYC Conference

Mark your calendar and join us when we address the challenges and opportunities of collaborative innovation and international expansion in the context of accelerating digitalization, urbanization, and globalization.

October 11

Hack Night at Carbon Five NYC

Carbon Five hosts a semi-regular hack night for developers and designers who enjoy getting together and coding for a few hours. It’s a low-key, demo-free event created to unite talented folks who enjoy building stuff.

October 13

Women Who Code: Algorithms @ Betterment

WWCode events are intended for all women (trans and cis), trans men, and genderqueer folks who are interested in attending. We are emphatically queer and trans friendly and committed to matters of social justice as an organization. Select events may be open to the general public, which will be clearly noted in event descriptions. Our Code of Conduct is in effect at all of our events. If you have any questions, please message the Directors of this chapter.

October 14-16

MD5 hackathon/ nyc_ /F16

Think you’ve got what it takes to tackle some of the toughest Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief challenges facing modern urban centers?

Join us October 14-16, 2016 to celebrate the launch of the MD5 National Security Technology Accelerator with our first hackathon at the New Lab in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. You’ll rub shoulders with our country’s military elite and have the chance to show them what you’ve got.

3 day event. Cutting edge location. Very worthy cause.
And 15K for the winning concept. Earn it by showing you’ve got the hack chops. It’s that simple.

October 21

2016 GeoSpatial Summit

The NYS GIS Association will hold the 2016 NYS GeoSpatial Summit on October 21, 2016, at the DB Pfizer Auditorium within the New York University Bern Dibner Library of Science and Technology in downtown Brooklyn, New York. This one-day event, with an evening reception the night before, will feature seven excellent keynote speakers who will give talks on a variety of topics. In addition to learning about cutting edge geospatial technology and implementations, attendees will also have opportunities to network with colleagues and GIS professionals from across New York State.

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