Meet High School Intern: Sejal Mehra

| MSNY Staff

This summer, we’ve been thrilled to host high school students as part of our NYC Microsoft High School Summer Internship Program (HSIP). The HSIP is a 6 week internship for junior and senior high school students providing an opportunity to explore the technology industry while expanding engineering skills. Microsoft is committed to developing junior talent and championing science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) related fields. HSIP sets out to inspire students to pursue collegiate degrees in computer science or STEM through exposure to those career paths. In addition, HSIP strives to attract a diverse pool of students with a technical background and a passion for technology.

Sejal MehraWhere do you go to school and when are you graduating? I go to school at Division Avenue High School in Levittown, NY. I will be graduating this coming June 2017.

Where are you applying to college and what do you plan to study? I will be applying locally (New York City) and to MIT. I plan on studying computer engineering.

What brought you to Microsoft’s internship program? The excitement of getting to know the real technology world brought me to Microsoft’s internship program.

What’s your favorite piece of Microsoft technology? My favorite piece of Microsoft technology is the Surface Pro and Microsoft Band.

What work are you most excited about from this summer’s program? I am most excited that we were able to work on IoT (Internet of Things) this summer.

What’s one thing you have learned with Microsoft? One thing I learned with Microsoft is how much more there is to Office 365 than Word and PowerPoint.

How has Girls Who Code empowered you to use technology? Why is coding important? Girls Who Code empowered me to express my passion for technology. Coding is important because it’s something that is all around us and everything can be programmed, from the smallest toy to the biggest building.

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