Recap — New York City Council’s Digital Inclusion Summit

Aug 25, 2016   |   MSNY Staff

In New York, the tech sector—the city’s fastest growing industry— is 62% white, 9% black, 11% Latino and 16% Asian, according to a study by the Center for an Urban Future, and while efforts are underway to diversify the workforce pipeline, a comprehensive look at institutional practices from the beginning to end of that track is critical for addressing under-representation.

— New York City Council


Last week, the New York City Council hosted its second annual Digital Inclusion Summit, a day-long conference bringing together tech and government’s hardest-working drivers to build on a better future. While tech may be the fastest-growing sector, our government and our workforce have yet to catch up to the equity, organizational culture and processes behind a successful growth.

Together with speaker Mark-Viverito and other national corporations and organizations, Microsoft made a commitment to work on these issues moving forward, while presenting our own proposals for change and growth.

Here are some of the top tweets from the day:

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