A Plan of Action For Women’s Political Leadership

| Jeanne Brooks, VoteRunLead

Dare to Lead

Democracy works because our elected leaders represent the people. But the numbers are clear that we don’t have enough women running for elected office, especially at the local and congressional levels. Microsoft’s Technology & Civic Engagement team is proud to support VoteRunLead’s Dare to Lead training to empower more women from across the political spectrum to vote, run, and lead.

— Matt Stempeck

Congress has been stuck at 20% women for the past 20 years and just 6.2% of the total members of Congress are women of color. When you get to the local levels, less than 10% of elected positions are filled by women.

It’s time to activate every woman who has ever thought about leading change in her community.

On June 18, VoteRunLead presents their historic Dare to Lead event. Throughout the day, they aim to train over 1,000 women in designing a plan of action for political change in their community.

Inspiring leaders, aspiring women in politics, and individuals looking to make a change — join us! You are invited to attend — get in the room and Dare to Lead.

Our goal is to support and connect women with the people and resources they need to succeed in making change happen in their community.

Change doesn’t have to be big to be important. It starts by getting in the room. Join us at #DaretoLead June 18!

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