Personal Democracy Forum Brings The Tech We Need


Last year, we posed a very simple question: Is Personal Democracy Forum For Me? And this year, that question is being answered directly. Today, we celebrated the first day of the 2016 Personal Democracy Forum (PDF) with inspiring talks and panels that showed how technology can improve government — and, in turn, our individual lives.

While we may be growing as a technological society, our government still has a long way to go to catch up. How can we use the technology that we have to improve our government? Our community? Our selves? As Robin Carnahan brought up, those who work in the tech sector (through government or otherwise) are woken up in the middle of the night worried about technology. If our websites are the “front door” to our offices, we need them to be accessible and open at all times to make sure we’re doing the work that needs to be done. And that’s exactly what PDF is exploring.

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  1. Excellent write-up. A similar review of day #2 would be useful. Thanks for sponsoring!

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