Get Inside the Game with Playcrafting this May

| Dan Butchko, CEO & Co-Founder at Playcrafting


Something is in the water in New York. No, it’s not alligators, or that secret ingredient that makes bagels taste so darn good. It’s technology. Every year, we’re seeing more and more bright minds coming into the city ready to learn tech skills and put them to good use. And Playcrafting is thrilled to be part of that.

Our organization likes to wear many hats. While we support local game developers and host events where gamers can play to their hearts content, we also make sure that the next generation of game developers stays in New York. Our standalone classes and 8-week courses are designed to make sure that anyone who wants to create their own game can.

Here’s what we have in store to kick off the summer — join us, won’t you?

May 4

100 games. 700 players. 1 night. And pizza! Our Spring Playcrafting expo takes place this Wednesday with more games than ever.

May 16

Dive into the realm of virtual reality. Microsoft is sponsoring a class on gaming with Unity’s VR tech, taught by Adina Shanholtz. Microsoft is the flagship global sponsor of Playcrafting, hosting events and education in NYC, SF & Boston as well as our annual Global Game Jam site!

May 25

See what the next generation of developers are creating! We’re hosting games created by students from local colleges and university at our PC Demo & Play Night.


Our 8-week courses kick off this June. Want to learn more? Join our info session on June 1 to get the full scoop.

And there’s so much more. Follow us on Twitter @PlaycraftingNYC or subscribe to our newsletter here to stay up-to-date on all our Playcrafting happenings.

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