Open for Applicants: Tech Jobs Academy’s Second Student Cohort

| John Paul Farmer & Saron Yitbarek

Two college students working together in the computer lab on a group assignment.

Earlier this week, in front of a thousand-person crowd at the monthly New York Tech Meetup, we were thrilled to announce that our Tech Jobs Academy pilot program has opened up for applications to fill the 25 seats in its second cohort. Tech Jobs Academy is a partnership between Microsoft, the Mayor’s Tech Talent Pipeline, and CUNY’s New York City College of Technology. Two dozen participants are currently enrolled in the program’s inaugural cohort.

Tech Jobs Academy is an accelerated technology skills learning program for those who have everything but opportunity. The program specifically targets bright and talented adults who are unemployed or underemployed. The only educational requirement is a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent. The Mayor’s Tech Talent Pipeline provides funding that allows Tech Jobs Academy participants to take part at no cost.

Tapping into its expertise in technology, Microsoft provides a broad curriculum that covers technical skills, as well as the career development skills necessary to obtain a job and build a career in technology. Microsoft leverages its connectedness to thousands of employers in its partner ecosystem in NYC to understand the skills most in demand.

The application process for Tech Jobs Academy is designed to ensure that the cohort reflects the grit and determination of New York City. Applicants are tested to measure their aptitude and interviewed to understand how they work with others. The program itself consists of 16 intensive weeks of study – 40 hours on-site and often more hours at home. Upon completion, these successful participants will be connected directly to job opportunities for well-paying careers in cloud and server administration.

This is what students already in the program have to say about it:

“Being in Tech Jobs Academy means that I finally have the resources and the support to achieve the goals that up until now just seemed like pipe dreams.” – Scott Fortner, Tech Jobs Academy participant

“I wasn’t able to finish [college] because I was paying for school on my own and I couldn’t keep funding myself…being part of Tech Jobs Academy means a lot to me, it means a second chance at technology.” – David Linton, Tech Jobs Academy participant

I saw [Tech Jobs Academy] as an opportunity to change my life.” – Maria Perez, Tech Jobs Academy participant

We believe in the potential of every New Yorker. We’re proud to be able to help talented people learn new skills and achieve their dreams. If you think Tech Jobs Academy is right for you, or if you know someone who should apply, go now to Don’t wait…the March 25th deadline is fast approaching!

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