#BackToSchool: Intro to NYC Civic Tech Community

| MSNY Staff

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Whether you’re an incoming freshman in an NYC college or a life-long New Yorker looking to get involved with civic tech, it can be overwhelming trying to get a handle on the NYC civic tech community. 

Below are a few public events that make it easy to get involved. First, we’ll go through some recurring meetups and events that have become staples of the NY civic tech scene. These events are open to the public and welcoming. Then, we’ll look at how to find the events that interest you.

Just show up to a few events, shake some hands, and become a part of the NYC civic tech family! 

Recurring Meetups and Events 

1. Civic Hacknight with BetaNYC
Wednesdays at 7pm, changing location
Learn more at: http://www.meetup.com/betanyc/

BetaNYC describes itself as a “weekly project night for technologists, designers, developers, data scientists, map makers, and activists who are working on ‘civic technology’ projects.” 

2. NY Tech Meetup
Monthly, Wednesdays at 7pm, NYU Skirball Center For The Performing Arts
Learn more at: http://www.meetup.com/ny-tech/

NY Tech Meetup is a monthly event consisting of a night of NY-based tech company demos, proceeded by a networking session for attendees and presenters.

3. BigApps events
Events hosted throughout the duration of the NYC BigApps competition.
Learn about events at http://bigapps.nyc/p/blog/ and about BigApps at http://bigapps.nyc/p/how-it-works/

NYC BigApps is a five-month civic tech initiative hosted by the City of New York. This year, BigApps is hosting four challenges, asking everyone from developers to designers to entrepreneurs to try their hand at building solutions for crucial city problems. Throughout the challenge, BigApps hosts various events related to civic tech throughout the city, from panels to workshops to hands-on activities. 

How to Find Cool Events and Workshops

Online resources are extremely helpful in figuring out upcoming NY civic tech events. For starters, the below three sites usually have a great array of relevant programming: 

Checking out upcoming programming at key locations can also reveal awesome events. Try taking a look at the schedules of: 

And of course, membership at any of the above spaces will allow you further opportunities and more chances to meet amazing people! 

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