Lower Manhattan Paves Way for the New Third Space

| Daria Siegel

Microsoft’s mission is to empower people through technology. As the definition of a job evolves, and physical workspaces change, we are increasingly interested in the future of work. When the Downtown Alliance described its vision for a “third space” in Lower Manhattan that is neither home nor full-time office and invited Microsoft to be the technology partner for LMHQ, we were delighted to accept. As LMHQ officially opens this week with its #OFFSITE festival, we are optimistic about the impact it can have and congratulate the team that worked tirelessly to bring it into being.

— John Paul Farmer, Director of Technology & Civic Innovation, Microsoft

Lower Manhattan, New York City’s oldest neighborhood, is also its most forward-looking. Lower Manhattan is the epicenter of innovation and ingenuity, qualities that the city is known for across the world. From Tesla and Thomas Edison’s legendary rivalry of invention to the first transatlantic phone call to the birth of modern finance, the neighborhood has long been the ultimate trendsetter. It’s a tradition that continues as a new generation of innovators is now redefining Lower Manhattan in our 21st century economy.


Over the past several years, Lower Manhattan has become home to a thriving creative class of entrepreneurs in the tech, advertising, media and information (TAMI) industries. More than 800 companies and thousands of young employees are turning a once 9-5 area into a 24-hour destination to live, work and play.

But it’s not enough simply to embrace this nascent industry. We must sustain it. And that means listening to this new community and creating the kind of professional experience they are looking for.

LMHQ_Logo_VimeoThe Alliance for Downtown New York has long been a supporter and advocate of Lower Manhattan and that is why we launched Lower Manhattan HQ (LMHQ). A first of its kind collaboration space, LMHQ is a third space between office and home where professionals can work, network, collaborate and learn about industry trends.

LMHQ is meant to ensure that companies and professionals who are seeking new homes in the neighborhood are rooted in an area where they can thrive and be part of a larger community.

From the way it is built, to the paint on the walls, LMHQ promotes an environment that supports innovative programming, and encourages and inspires collaboration. Microsoft has been an important partner in designing the technology that will support the needs of the people working here. Year round programming with partners like New York Tech MeetUp, New York Technology Council and Center for an Urban Future will offer insights into industry trends, answers to the challenges they face and a connection to their peers in the neighborhood.


In honor of its launch, LMHQ will be hosting a three-day festival called #OFFSITE to celebrate the like-minded people creative and tech savvy community thriving in Lower Manhattan. We officially open our doors on July 1. For more information on membership, future programming and events, visit our website at www.lmhq.nyc or follow us on Twitter at @LMHQ_NYC.

Daria Siegel is the Director of LMHQ.

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