About Microsoft’s Civic Technology Engagement Group

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Who We Are

The Microsoft Civic Technology Engagement Group works with local and national partners to help communities and governments leverage technology to tackle key societal challenges and make a sustainable and scalable impact on the lives of individuals.

Across the country and around the world, cities and counties are thinking about the intersection of technology, programs and policy in ways that are creative, solution-oriented and highly impactful. The results have been exciting and encouraging. At Microsoft, we believe that through cross-sector partnerships, many more breakthroughs are right around the corner – and we want to be an active partner in making these things happen.

Our goals include:

  • Facilitate technology for civic priorities
  • Foster civic innovation, entrepreneurship and economic growth
  • Create opportunity and access for all
  • Enable collaboration and discussion within communities
  • Build smart and sustainable cities

Who We Work With

We work with civic leaders and the communities they serve to convene discussions, inform design, and build approaches that embrace the use of technology both for and by the people to improve our lives and our government. Projects touch on issues in transportation, economic development and innovation, sustainability and resiliency, public safety and justice, education, opportunity and equity, and accessibility.

Where We Work

We have teams based in seven cities: Boston, Chicago, Detroit, New York, San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle, and we work with organizations across the U.S. on projects of local, regional, and national impact.

Follow Us

More information about our work is available via our locally focused blogs and social media channels:

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