Lean Startup Conference in San Francisco

| MSNY Staff

Lean Startup Conference in San Francisco

Photo credit: Hugh Molotsi

Last week, I had the opportunity to speak on the “Lean in the Enterprise” panel at the Lean Startup Conference in San Francisco. Lean Startup, of course, is the movement toward iterative, evidence-based processes, based on the 2011 book by Eric Ries. I was joined in the conversation by Dan Ward (author of F.I.R.E. and a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Air Force), Simeon Sessley (Fastworks innovation leader at GE), and moderator Drew McManus (VP of Product at Pivotal Labs). The time absolutely flew by as we engaged in a lively and interesting conversation – sometimes with each other and sometimes with the audience – about approaches that have worked and others that haven’t at leading organizations in both the private and public sectors. Drew later observed that “we could’ve talked all afternoon!”

The tweets below showcase some highlights of the conversation.










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