Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith on Human Rights in the Technology Sector at BSR Conference

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Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith on Human Rights in the Technology Sector at BSR Conference

A global network for sustainability and technology, BSR (Business for Social Responsibility) works with 250 influential companies to promote sustainability and help drive social and environmental change through the corporate world. This week’s 2014 Business for Social Responsibility Conference, held in New York, focuses on transparency as a transformative action, lending a hand to energy and climate change, community involvement, and more. Thursday, Brad Smith heads to the BSR conference to show how Microsoft is involving itself in transparency and social change through its public policy involvement and more.

Brad Smith is the Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Legal and Corporate Affairs for Microsoft. His legal expertise spans 55 countries, in which he leads over 1,100 employees. His leadership with Microsoft involves government surveillance, public policy, privacy, intellectual property, immigration, corporate citizenship and computer science and STEM education policy. In his 20+ years with Microsoft, he has made a mark in the technology community by forging corporate and government agreements that have drastically changed law and policy within the IT sector.

Earlier this week, Brad stopped by Harvard to discuss online privacy and surveillance both with Microsoft and globally. While focusing on trust in technology and government, Smith explored transparency, public policy, and corporate involvement with government — all of which he promoted as a means to keep the public both safe and involved in the technology community.

Now, Brad joins BSR for yet another poignant discussion. From 8:50-9:30am ET on Thursday, Brad will be speaking on a panel titled “Collaboration in Action: Human Rights in the Technology Sector.” Joining him are Mark Chandler, Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, and Chief Compliance Officer, Cisco Systems Inc. and Eileen Donahoe, Director, Global Affairs, Human Rights Watch. For those unable to attend, a livestream will be made available at this link.

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Read more about Brad Smith here.

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