Join us for “Best of Code for America Summit”

| MSNY Staff


Just two weeks ago, we had the pleasure of attending the 2014 Code for America Summit in San Francisco. Over three days, we connected with hundreds of technology, civic engagement, nonprofit, and startup organizations seeking to change the world through civic technology. We witnessed inspiring speeches on why the “small things” are actually big things, saw governments and civic tech leaders team up to become more open with their data, and were reminded how technology can help strangers in need. After three exhilarating days and plenty of conversations with our peers, we came back inspired.

Next week, we join the local Code for America Brigades, BetaNYC, in our continued mission to change citizenship, government, and more as we recap the Summit here at home. CfA Summit attendees will highlight their top moments of the conference and discuss how we can keep momentum going in our community. After some brief networking, NYC tech leaders will provide their insights on the Summit, followed by open questions and a discussion with the audience.

This is not just an ‘ICYMI’ event. Together, let’s discuss the innovations you’re excited about driving forward; then, let’s explore what needs to be done.

Interested attendees can RSVP here, and also see who else will be joining us next week. We can’t wait to see you there!

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