Riding into Spring with Hubway

 |   MSNE Staff

Believe it or not, spring has in fact sprung in New England. And we’re excited to announce an initiative with Hubway, soon to be Blue Bikes, Boston’s premiere public bike sharing system.

At the end of February, we were excited to install a brand-new Hubway station outside our offices at 1 Memorial Drive (often referred to as NERD: the Microsoft New England R&D Center). This 19-dock station included 10 bikes sporting the official Microsoft logo as part of the current 118 bikes in the Hubway system.

We’re thrilled to partner with an organization that is spurring innovation in our local community. As we look to solve big problems, empowering our community through innovation, Hubway is innovating the way we physically move around our cities, prioritizing transportation and environmental impact all at once.

Our physical branding with Hubway is soon coming to an end, but we’re glad to continue our partnership with Hubway and celebrate spring on our bikes. Stay posted as we work together with Hubway — we’ll be celebrating Earth Day with a special Hubway offer for our readers.

Learn more about Microsoft’s commitment to environmental innovation here.