Profiles on Pulse: macro-eyes

| MSNE Staff

As part of our partnership with MassChallenge, we help support startups through Microsoft software, mentorship, networking, and more. With the launch of PULSE@MassChallenge, an incubator for digital health startups, in 2016, we’re excited to take our partnership one step further and support innovations in healthcare. Through PULSE, we are partnering with four digital health startups this year, providing resources to drive the healthcare space forward through technology.

Below, we spotlight PULSE startup macro-eyes, which is using AI and data to provide paths to better outcomes and increase access to healthcare.

What is your startup’s mission?

Transform healthcare by breaking down the barrier between data and human (-centered) decision making. Increase access to care, effect better outcomes and reduce cost.

Give us your elevator pitch in 280 characters or less.

macro-eyes has built powerful AI that predicts – with humility – the paths to better outcomes and the optimal delivery of care around the world.

How are you using technology to empower others?

Sibyl is intelligent patient scheduling that increases access to care. Sibyl gives the scheduler remarkable problem-solving abilities – Sibyl gives the scheduler x-ray vision! The scheduler sees the appointment times when the patient is most likely to show and that create the optimal schedule for the clinic or hospital. Sibyl increases the likelihood that one patient will show for every one appointment slot. A more predictable schedule means providers can plan their day, administrators can precisely match staffing and supply chain to throughput and patients wait less time to get an appointment and then spend less time in the waiting room.

Broadly, we use technology to deliver insights and projections in a highly contextual and focused presentation; this can overcome the challenges to adoption at the point of care or during administrative decision making. We’re connecting AI and machine learning to the patient experience.

Why did you apply to Pulse at MassChallenge?

Boston has a remarkable community at the nexus of health and technology – Massachusetts is arguably the best state in the nation in which to build a machine learning company personalizing care. We applied to Pulse at MassChallenge to be a part of this incredible community, to contribute and to learn.

macro-eyes Chief Scientist Suvrit Sra, PhD is on the faculty at MIT and we already work with some great partners in Boston so we did have familiarity with the ecosystem coming into Pulse.

How is Microsoft helping you further your mission?

Microsoft connects us with potential customers, helps us think about the future of care and provides crucial feedback for our product development and marketing efforts.

What is your favorite part of your product/service?

The point where practitioners discover that data and technology can support their work, rather than being a burden and obstacle. Adoption is the ultimate validation of everything we do.

What does the term “health tech” mean to you?

It means technology that supports every point of decision making and every element involved in the delivery of care, while getting out of the way of the human connection that is essential for a good patient experience.

“Health tech” also means technology that improves prevention and increases health literacy among the general population.