How AI Can Empower Everyone: Joseph Sirosh Speaks at NERD

 |   MSNE Staff

AI is not the future — it’s the present.

As we continue our journey into artificial intelligence and the cloud, including a peek into the future with our latest book, The Future Computed, we’re excited to share Microsoft’s vision for AI.

Most recently, we explored our AI strategy and vision with a visit from Joseph Sirosh, Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Cloud AI Platform, at our NERD Center. Sirosh spoke to our team about Microsoft’s vision for AI and how we can work together to fully implement AI to create services that make people’s lives better.

Joseph Sirosh discusses Microsoft’s AI vision and strategy to Microsoft New England employees. Photo: Dana Quigley

“AI has the power to empower everyone,” Sirosh told us, as he introduced us to a platform designed to do just that. Sirosh presented Helpicto, a remarkable example of how the field of artificial intelligence is progressing at an incredible pace. Helpicto uses pictograms and keywords to help people with autism communicate more clearly with others. Programs like Helpicto use new machine learning and reading technologies to make sense out of images and sensory services. The app uses the Microsoft AI Platform comprising Xamarin, ASP.NET, Azure App Services, Azure SQL Database and Cognitive Services to provide automatic translation through image and speech recognition.

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As Sirosh explained, apps like Helpicto can be put together in a few weeks thanks to the AI platform, which utilizes pre-built AI services (like image recognition) to provide impactful services. “All of these things coming together is incredibly powerful,” he expressed.

Moving forward, Microsoft aims to use these groundbreaking platforms to transform the digital economy, providing opportunity to all through accessible, powerful, and high-value technology on the Cloud AI platform. Our mission is to enable people to envision completely new systems of intelligence.

As we wrapped up our discussion on AI at Microsoft and beyond, Sirosh left us with a strong reminder of why we focus so intently on AI as a future technology, encouraging our teams to work forward and help build an empowered future.

“Our #1 focus is really customer success,” he said. “Our goals may be to create the greatest AI technology in the world, but none of that means anything without customers.”