Housing in Boston — Civic Innovation Conversation Series #CivicTechBos

 |   MSNE Staff

In Boston, we are experiencing tremendous growth in our economy. Whether it is big companies like GE and Reebok moving to Boston, or startups emerging from our entrepreneurial ecosystem, all of these businesses are creating jobs. This growth also results in secondary businesses and jobs that support industry like delivery and food services. But where do all of these people live?

As a relatively small city, housing is limited. Many people commute great distances to work in Boston. There is a growing need for diverse housing options in Boston. Please join us and Venture Café Foundation on February 27 for a discussion about Housing in Boston where we will explore:

  • How is Boston doing on the MA housing report card?
  • When does the cost of commute outweigh the benefit of lower cost housing?
  • Can we use data and technology to inform and plan?
  • What housing innovations could be relevant for Boston?
  • How do we begin to address equity in housing in Boston?


More speakers to be announced shortly.

Register now at this link. Can’t make it? Join us in the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #CivicTechBos.