NERD10: Introducing the Microsoft NERD Artificial Intelligence Program

| MSNE Staff

At Microsoft New England Research and Development Center (NERD), we’re excited to be at the forefront of advances in AI as more people and businesses move their workloads into the cloud.

Pavandeep Kalra, Director of Data Science in Artificial Intelligence & Research, works to create cutting-edge machine learning solutions on the cloud. Based at NERD since 2014, his team has seen firsthand how cloud technologies have progressed and how enterprises on the cloud can spin intelligent AI workloads. Through the work of Kalra’s team, manufacturers have decreased cycle time, creating the digital, intelligent and predictive factory. Sports teams have been able to better understand their fans and boost ticket sales using Cortana Intelligence. And conservationists are now able to better protect the Masai giraffe population with a new system that dramatically speeds up research using machine learning technology. In sum, Microsoft NERD is helping organizations achieve more with cloud-based AI solutions to understand and act on the immense data they have collected.

Masai giraffe, Artificial Intelligence

To expand upon this work happening at NERD and foster Microsoft’s leadership in AI, NERD is launching a ground-breaking new program, dubbed the Microsoft NERD AI Program. The program is designed to develop the next generation of leaders in AI. We’re seeking new graduates from BS, MS and PhD programs to fill 15 spots for the program, starting in July 2018. 

Over the course of two years, participants will partner closely with engineering teams across Microsoft — like Kalra’s — to solve some of our most challenging problems. In addition, the cohort will have mentors and access to numerous AI researchers and engineers. After the program, each participant will have the opportunity to work in one of our businesses in New England or another Microsoft location.

We’re lucky at NERD to share our backyard with some of the brightest students at the world’s top universities here in Boston — a hub for big data, AI and innovation.

We encourage students with degrees in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Data Science, Statistics or other relevant fields, and any of the following experiences to apply to join our new AI cohort:

  • Experience in any of the deep learning frameworks
  • Experience in developing in C/C++/Java/C# and 1+ scripting languages
  • Experience in program management and customer design
  • Experience in designing and developing high-scale distributed systems

Send your CV by December 1, 2017 to [email protected]. Offers will be made on a rolling basis from December 2017 until all roles are filled.

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