Microsoft New England Picks: Not-To-Miss Events, November 2017

| MSNE Staff

How did November creep up so quickly? With only two months left in the year, we’re aiming to stay busy with these top events in the Greater Boston area:

November 2

MassChallenge Boston Awards 2017

The MassChallenge Awards is the grand finale of the Boston startup accelerator program, shining a spotlight on the world’s most promising entrepreneurs. Join top influencers in the innovation community to celebrate entrepreneurship & startup innovation. Join entrepreneurs, investors, corporate executives, politicians, and philanthropists as the worlds most startup-friendly accelerator names the 2017 MassChallenge winners and gives out $1 million in cash awards.

November 3

Women in Tech Breakfast

General Assembly Boston invites you to join us for this interactive breakfast for Women in Technology. We’re featuring great women in tech to give their insight on how they reached their level of success, advice on navigating the workplace, and how we can help the next generation of women in tech.

Our esteemed panel of speakers are pioneers in their respective fields, representing many facets of the Boston and international tech industry.

After the panel, we will open up the discussion to the audience and take a deeper dive into the issues women face in the tech industry and find solutions to how we can rise above the obstacles and thrive in this growing field.

November 5

Walk Cambridge’s Innovation Trail

Want to learn more about the scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs who made Cambridge one of the most innovative cities in the world? Join us on November 5th for a special walking tour of Cambridge’s innovation past, present, and future. This is something that happens just once a year — and sometimes less! (And if you’ve participated in the tour before, this time we have *entirely new* stops and content.)

We’ll start at the historic newsstand that inspired the founders of Microsoft… learn about Admiral Grace Hopper, early computers at Harvard, and the very first bug…why Cambridge became a global hub for biotech… and meet one of the people who helped launch the personal computing revolution, Dan Bricklin. (Both co-founders of Apple, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, have credited the software Bricklin created as a key element of Apple’s early success.)

Your hosts are Bob Krim, historian and co-founder of the Entrepeneur Innovation Center at Framingham State University, and Scott Kirsner, Innovation Economy columnist at the Boston Globe.

November 7

Marcus Griep: Why be functional in .NET?

Over the years, C# has gained several features, including generics, lambdas, LINQ, and async. Each of these features was first conceived in .NET’s functional sibling F#. Now it is easier than ever to program functionally in C#. So, what does F# bring to the party?

In this talk, we will discuss F#’s place in the .NET ecosystem and some of the features that make it an excellent choice for a .NET project and how learning F# can make you a better C# programmer.

Marcus Griep is a lead software engineer and squad lead at Vistaprint where his squad’s primary language is F#, with some Go and Rust sprinkled in. Marcus gives presentations on functional web development and is the co-maintainer of Freya, Chiron, and Hopac.

November 10-12

Boston Startup Weekend EDU

Have you ever had an idea for improving education?

Here’s your opportunity to transform your education ideas into action in 54 hours. Find the right people with complementary skills and the passion to build an education product in one weekend – you’ll get a crash course in being part of a founding team. Design for learning, conduct user tests, receive coaching from experienced education designers & industry professionals and win prizes that will help take your idea to the next level!

November 13

Transporting Our Innovation Economy – Civic Innovation Conversation Series

Transportation systems are the arteries that carry the people to fuel our regional innovation ecosystem. As we have seen more concentration of people and companies (of all sizes) in the Greater Boston area, having a diverse and robust transportation network that adequately serves all is an important infrastructure element to plan and build. The quality of this infrastructure will drive how and where people will live, work and play now and far into the future.

Our Civic Innovation Conversation Series is returning to the topic of transportation innovation on Monday, November 13th, 2017 at District Hall. We will discuss the progress being made in ride sharing, parking, autonomous cars, pod transportation and more.

November 15

2017 Visionary Awards

The Cambridge Chamber of Commerce 2017 Visionary Awards – Celebrating innovation & visionaries in our community!

Join us for an evening of celebration as we recognize innovators from the business, institutional, and non profit communities who are truly making a difference in Cambridge and beyond.

Microsoft’s Research team will be honored for its work with revolutionary gene-editing tool CRISPR.

November 24

Friday After Thanksgiving Chain Reaction

Attend as a spectator or build your own Rube Goldberg-esque link and be part of a giant chain reaction at our annual F.A.T. Chain Reaction Event! Popular hosts Arthur Ganson and Jeff Lieberman will be on hand as teams put together their own contraptions, they’re linked together, and a ball is set in motion moving from start to finish in a giant loop.

Bring your families, bring your friends. This a one-of-a-kind, must-be-seen-to-be-believed engineering feat you won’t want to miss. And this year’s event promises to be 2X the fun.

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