Microsoft New England’s (Un)Official Guide to HUBweek 2017

| MSNE Staff

HUBweek is back! From Tuesday, October 10 through Sunday, October 15, Boston and its surrounding area will be celebrating innovation in the Hub, from music to technology to policy and more. What’s HUBweek? We’re glad you asked. HUBweek is an annual celebration focused on the future that is being built in and around Boston, spotlighting innovation at the intersection of art, science, and technology. And we’re proud to partner with HUBweek for another year as we host and attend events around the hub.

Ready to join us in another celebration of Boston’s brightest? Here are some of the top HUBweek events that you won’t want to miss this fall:

Tuesday, October 10

Programming the Future of AI: Ethics, Governance, and Justice
Hosted by Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society
12 p.m., Harvard Square

The Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society will host a talk focused on the evolution of artificial intelligence, with a particular emphasis on ethics, governance, and criminal and social justice. Key questions include: how do we prepare court systems, judges, lawyers, and defendants to interact with autonomous systems? What are the potential societal costs to human autonomy, dignity and due process from the use of these systems in our judicial systems?

How the Hub is Steering the Digital Health Revolution
Hosted by PULSE@MassChallenge and Boston Children’s Hospital
4:30 p.m., Hatch Fenway at Landmark Center
401 Park Drive 8th Floor, East Elevators
Boston, MA 02215

Learn how the hub is steering the digital health revolution. Join us at an interactive startup showcase and keynote highlighting the state of innovation in digital health in Boston. Hear from the companies actively working with Boston Children’s Hospital and current and alumni startups of PULSE@MassChallenge and MassChallenge Boston. Stick around for a keynote by Sandra Fenwick, CEO of Boston Children’s Hospital, featuring the exciting world of digital health in the Boston area and taking a look at the revolutionary journey ahead.

Venture Café Kendall Connect
Hosted by Venture Cafe Kendall
6 p.m., Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC)
1 Broadway
Cambridge, MA 02142

Join Venture Café Kendall Connect for a “mini” speed-dating style networking session to help you meet entrepreneurs, investors and enterprise innovators across the Boston startup / innovation ecosystem.

Wednesday, October 11

Kendall Square: Innovation Playground
Hosted by MIT
12 p.m., MIT
1 Broadway
Cambridge, MA 02139 

This showcase will feature innovative and fun events for folks of all ages, including LEGO art, an augmented reality station, and laser graffiti, among other cool hands-on activities. Major events will include a groundbreaking ceremony for one of MIT’s Kendall Square Initiative Buildings and the unveiling of a community-based art installation designed by youth from the Community Art Center’s Teen Media Program.

Green Innovation Industry Night
Hosted by CIC
4 p.m., Venture Café
One Broadway, 5th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02142

An essential event for anyone involved or interested in Greater Boston sustainable business, Green Innovation Industry Night is an evening hosted by CIC to celebrate, invigorate and connect sustainably-minded innovators bringing smart solutions to the private and public realms.

The Female Entrepreneur’s Experience in Boston
Hosted by Microsoft New England and LaunchSquad
5 p.m., Microsoft New England R&D Center
1 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA 02142 

Boston has become a city known for welcoming and nurturing startup companies and big ideas. Home to the nation’s best colleges and universities, as well as multiple startup accelerator programs, Boston is ripe with opportunity for forward-thinkers. Being a female entrepreneur is a unique experience. Hear from female founders, venture capitalists and journalists who have built their teams here in the Hub and the successes and challenges they have encountered along the way.

Thursday, October 12

Future Forum: Technology is Amoral; People Aren’t
Hosted by HUBweek
9 a.m., The HUB
1 City Hall Square
Boston, MA 02109

The truth of the matter is this: technology itself is not going to save us, and technology itself is not going to ruin us. It’s on us to collectively write our story, to decide how we use it. Hear from experts in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and privacy, impact investing, data, cancer research, and more as they help us answer: how do we put pressure in the right places to ensure that technological advancement serves each and every one of us?

Deep Dive: The A.I. Revolution in Medicine
Hosted by Massachusetts General Hospital in partnership with HUBweek and Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology and The Boston Globe
9 a.m., The HUB
1 City Hall Square
Boston, MA 0220

In this highly interactive session, experts involved in using A.I. in the fields of radiology and guided imaging, surgery planning, and in resource-poor settings will discuss their own experiences in overcoming obstacles and moving this important work forward. Join experts in exploring big questions of addressing public fear of A.I., the future of government regulation, ethical questions and more.

Thursday Immersion Party: LIVE Silent Disco
Hosted by HUBweek in partnership with BAMS Fest
7 p.m., The HUB
1 City Hall Square
Boston, MA 02201 

Imagine three of Boston’s top DJs playing live, some of the best blends of music that will have diverse audiences connecting, convening and moving all through their colorful headphones. You’ll be given a set of wireless headphones that light up to show which channel you’re are listening to, allowing different genres of music that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Friday, October 13

Deep Dive: Climate Change
Hosted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology in partnership with HUBweek and Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital and The Boston Globe
9 a.m., The HUB
1 City Hall Square
Boston, MA 02201

Open to all: Join regional experts, practitioners, students, entrepreneurs, and many others to brainstorm and advance promising, high-impact solutions to climate change.

Using an Open Space format, you’ll co-create the workshop agenda with other attendees, pitch your idea or interest, and form small working groups to dive deep into problem-solving. Get supportive input on your ideas, or collaborate to explore new ones. Breakouts will explore themes such as CO2 removal, the potential for blockchain carbon pricing, U.S. climate policymaking, and many more.

The interactive workshop will be run by MIT. Top ideas will be invited to submit to the Climate CoLab online platform to receive feedback from the global network of over 85,000 people, enter annual contests, and more.

Initiative: The Women Behind Digital Health
Hosted by PULSE@MassChallenge
12 p.m., The HUB
City Hall Plaza
Boston, MA 02115

Last year at PULSE@MassChallenge, 48% of our companies were founded or co-founded by women and it is clear that women are playing a huge role in the transformation of the digital health industry. From academic medical centers, to startups to the venture community, this panel will explore the different areas within the industry and the women responsible for shaping the future of digital health.

Leading for Creativity
Hosted by IDEO Cambridge
3:50 p.m., The HUB
1 City Hall Square
Boston, MA 02201

In this ever-changing, complex world, how do people in leadership roles unlock the creativity of their organizations so that those they lead can become more creative—and in turn, create, embrace, and successfully execute on new ideas?​ ​Organizations and leaders that don’t shift their focus from operational competitiveness toward creative competitiveness will simply be outcompeted by others and left behind.

Please join IDEO Partner and Executive Design Director, Michael Hendrix, as he shares insights and strategies into how you can turn creativity into a competitive advantage and engine for innovation​​.

Beantown Throwdown
Hosted by MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge
5:30 p.m., The HUB
1 City Hall Square
Boston, MA 02201

Home to over 60 colleges and universities, Boston has launched some of the most creative and inventive student-founded startups in the world. This night is all about celebrating and showcasing them!

Hosted by HUBweek in partnership with MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge, the Beantown Throwdown features student teams representing 10+ local colleges and universities.

Coffee & Chocolate: Climate Change, Sustainability, and Gender Equity
Hosted by Harvard University in partnership with Harvard Ed Portal
6 p.m., Harvard Ed Portal
224 Western Ave
Boston, MA 02134

Can you imagine life without coffee or chocolate? No one wants to find out, but that’s exactly what could happen if climate change and gender injustice continue to challenge the future of these products. Learn how two local producers are grappling with these issues while remaining committed to superior quality and ethical sourcing of cacao and coffee beans. Join the Harvard Ed Portal for a talk and tasting led by Erika Koss of Northeastern University and Carla Martin of Harvard University and the Fine Cacao & Chocolate Institute.

Saturday, October 14

Future Forum: Change Starts With You
Hosted by HUBweek
9 a.m., The HUB
1 City Hall Square
Boston, MA 02201

At HUBweek’s Future Forum, a multi-day ideas festival and confab taking place Oct. 12-14 at The HUB, hear from, get inspired by, and connect with leaders across industry as we explore the most cutting-edge and impactful ideas coming out of Boston today. How do we put pressure in the right places to ensure innovation has a positive impact on our lives? What role can you play?

On Saturday October 14, we’ll explore how our cities are getting smarter, while our policies are getting messier. Everyone has a point of view on the most pressing issues at hand today–whether it be the economy and jobs, climate change, immigration, social issues, health care or education. Hear from experts and up-and-comers across these issues as we explore how we can come together as individuals, companies and at the local level to tackle some of the most pressing challenges being left behind by our federal government. What are the things we can do right now to build better communities and prepare ourselves for what’s next?

De-Stress Boston
Hosted by Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Mass General Hospital
10 a.m., Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital
151 Merrimac St.
Boston, MA 02114

If headlines and online chatter are stressing you and your family out, HUBweek can help. De-Stress Boston will teach you how to calm the body, unplug and relax.

De-Stress Boston is a community-wide experiential education session about the power of stress reduction techniques to improve health and build resiliency. This year’s program is focused on issues which impact families across the board – from the stress of living in a politically charged world to relationships and parenting in the age of social media and technology. The program will also offer instruction on family yoga and nutrition.

The Girl Hackathon
2 p.m., The HUB
City Hall Plaza
Boston, MA 02115

Designed to teach the basic concepts of coding through Hopscotch, a coding platform used to create original games, the Girl Hackathon pairs mentors with teams of two girls to provide a hands-on experience into the world of coding, ultimately sparking a lifelong interest in the possibilities of technology. New this year, our mentors will be selected from area high schools to optimize the experience of near peer learning.

Demo Day: Finale
Hosted by HUBweek
6 p.m., The HUB
1 City Hall Square
Boston, MA 02201

The final eight startups remaining in HUBweek’s Demo Day Pitch Competition, presented by Bank of America, will present to a panel of expert judges and compete to take home the 2017 title.

These high impact startups represent the best of Boston’s best, with talented companies fostered in Boston’s incubators, accelerators, universities and startup ecosystem. The startups are competing for over $50,000 in cash and prizes.

Be there to hear their pitches, vote for an audience choice, and see which startups are on their way to becoming Boston’s next pillar company.

WGBH: First Look: Bill Nye: Science Guy
Hosted by The Boston Globe in partnership with WGBH
7 p.m., Yawkey Theater
1 Guest Street
Boston, MA 02135

Bill Nye is on a quest to change the world through science! Using advocacy, education, and his charming personality, Nye makes a strong argument for why science matters more than ever in a culture increasingly indifferent to evidence. He is leading by example, and speaking out against those who deny its value. With exclusive access, this behind-the-scenes portrait of “the science guy” inspires both young and older to stand up for what they believe and see the possibilities in front of us.

Sunday, October 15

Robot Block Party
Hosted by City of Boston in partnership with MassRobotics
11 a.m., The HUB
1 City Hall Square
Boston, MA 02201

From home to office, the warehouse floor to the streets, robots are becoming more prevalent in society. Boston is a leader in supporting the development, testing, and adoption of some of this game-changing technology. Robot Block Party will showcase the latest in robotics and provide exciting demos of products to come, highlighting the Massachusetts robotics ecosystem.

In the future, many people imagine the roads to be changed by self-driving cars, the skies to be peppered with drones, and our daily lives to be interconnected with robots. How will self-driving cars change your commute? Will robots make deliveries to your home? How are robots helping people by working in dangerous places? Join us to learn about how innovative technology and artificial intelligence are providing solutions in healthcare, agriculture, transportation, and the home.

Robot Block Party is free and open to the public with registration to The HUB. Come by to ask questions, interact with robots, and get inspired.

A New Wave of Public Art in the Boston Area
Hosted by HUBweek
1 p.m., The HUB
1 City Hall Square
Boston, MA 02201

From the Greenway to the streets of downtown Lynn, you’ll hear from artists and local leaders from communities across the Boston area for a discussion on how they have brought temporary and permanent public art installations into their neighborhoods to showcase our proud pasts and dreams for our collective futures.

Planetary Explorations
Hosted by swissnex Boston in partnership with Charles Hayden Planetarium, Museum of Science, Boston
2 p.m., The HUB
1 City Hall Square
Boston, MA 02201

“Cycle” and “Waiting Far Away”, two shorts that will take you on an exploratory trip, wandering between one universe to the other.

Design Museum: Art, Technology, & Social Dreaming
Hosted by Design Museum Boston
1 p.m., The HUB
1 City Hall Square
Boston, MA 02201

For October we are holding a special edition of Design Museum Mornings during HUBweek! This Design Museum Mornings event will differ from our usual programming and will take place on Sunday afternoon October 15th as a part of HUBweek’s Design Day.

Ani Liu centers her work at the crossroads of art and science. For our October Design Museum Event, Ani will be discussing the social, political and emotional implications of emerging technologies. Her presentation will highlight how fiction can inform fact. For example, can objects or technology instill assumptions about our personality or culture based upon how they are designed? How do these items shape the way we are socially evolving today and will evolve in the future?

Ani will also discuss some key technological discoveries that had a major impact on society, from fire to the internet, and will be presenting examples from her own work at the MIT Media Lab.

Creative Placemaking – A View on Tactical Urbanism
Hosted by Sasaki in partnership with Urban Culture Institute and City of Boston and CBT and HUBweek
3:30 p.m., The HUB
1 City Hall Square
Boston, MA 02201

We are in the midst of a public art paradigm shift. Most cities struggle to afford investment in monumental public art and new high quality public realm designs. Often time, public spaces are missing the vital programs that aid in full activation potential.

Planners, architects, landscape architects, artists in collaboration with community members, cities, policy makers, private entities and grassroots organizations are working to transform these spaces through “creative placemaking”. The maker movement, tactical urbanism, readily-available tools of digital production, and other cultural drivers are steadily chiseling away at the prominence of iconic public art.

Discuss with us how HUBweek transforms Boston’s City Hall Plaza into a first-of-its-kind centralized festival site “The HUB”; how a curated art program activates the Rose Kennedy Greenway; and how a temporary flex space like “Lawn on D” becomes the new urban and hip place to be. Join our esteemed panelists from the HUBweek Change-Maker series, which showcases the most creative and inventive minds in art, science, and technology making an impact in Boston and around the world.

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