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— Aimee Sprung

Have you ever been to an event with food trucks serving delicious food? If you haven’t, make sure to add that to your bucket list of things to do this year. Those of you lucky enough to have experienced it, have probably never realized that getting that food truck to that event took a lot of work.

Take a minute to think how you would go about booking a food truck at your own sweet party. Your first instinct is probably to search online for food trucks in your area. Let’s say that after spending what might seem like hours searching and reviewing limited options, you find a food truck you like. Congratulations! Now you’re only halfway done to getting that vendor booked for your event. Next, you have to contact that vendor, wait for a response, go back-and-forth about food, availability and permits, only to find out that the vendor is either not interested anymore or is no longer available.

Food truck owners work very long hours (12 to 15 a day, on average). This means they have very limited time to respond to your emails and ask or answer questions. This is the main problem that the mobile food and event industry face today: a slow and manual process to find, contact and book mobile food vendors.

Food Truck Stars, through innovation in our software and our “open community” approach, make searching and booking food trucks the easiest part of the event planning process. This means you’ll have more time to focus on finding a decent DJ.

Food Truck Stars' civic tech application simplifies the booking process between vendors and event plannersWe solve this problem from both ends. We provide mobile food vendors a simple signup process and the ability to create and customize their own business profile. Once set up, we provide vendors a dashboard to easily manage their catering bookings. This means that all information showcased on Food Truck Stars was created and posted by our community of vendors. Event planners can use our service to search for trucks in their area and request their participation at their events.

So the next time you see a food truck at an event, try to appreciate that Korean-Mexican fusion burrito just a little more. More importantly, don’t forget — booking a food truck doesn’t have to be difficult anymore. Food Truck Stars has your back.

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