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| Jibran Malek


Healthcare Collaboration unlocks major innovation

America’s national healthcare apparatus, with its many gatekeepers, rules, regulations, and interested parties, is one of the most debilitatingly confusing systems in the world. However, even though it sounds like the grime of bureaucracy may slow the gears of progress, healthcare is actually ripe for disruption.

Healthcare’s myriad stakeholders may be in competition for greater visibility, but what makes it most viable for disruption is the fact that everyone is aligned on the same goal: patient outcomes. It is only through leveraging this shared value to promote collaboration can healthcare innovation be truly catalyzed, and that’s what PULSE@MassChallenge is here for.

We believe that when entrepreneurs and the ecosystem come together to solve problems we will accelerate innovation and transform healthcare.

In partnership with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, MeHI, MACP, and the region’s leading institutions, corporations, payors and healthcare experts, PULSE@MassChallenge brings a startup-friendly approach to accelerating the development of new digital health innovations.

How will PULSE@ Help startups succeed?

PULSE@ takes a startup-friendly approach and provides entrepreneurs with access to resources critical for growth. Through mutual-matchmaking, every PULSE@MassChallenge startup connects with a Champion (institution, corporation, payor, etc) to help the startup reach critical milestones such as:

• Key advisor introductions
• Co-development
• Product & clinical validation
• Customer connections
• Strategic investments

On top of this, PULSE@ provides startups with access to 8,000 sq ft of free office space in Hatch Fenway, a growing innovation center in Boston and a stone’s throw from the Longwood Medical Area.

Who can apply?
PULSE@MassChallenge is seeking startups that address the following:

Aging | Biosensors | Care Coordination | Caregiving | Chronic Disease Management | Clinician Collaboration| Cybersecurity | Data Analytics | Holistic Health | Home Health Care | Interoperability | Nutrition | Patient Education and Self | Management | Patient Engagement | Patient Monitoring | Patient Transportation | Specialty Pharmacy | Telehealth | Wearables | Women’s Health | AND MORE! We’re looking for the BEST IN DIGITAL HEALTH!

Any digital health startup from anywhere in the world with less than $5 million in funding and $5 million in revenue is eligible to apply.

Applications are open September 14 – October 20 (Early Bird), November 9 (Regular).

Apply now!

jibber2At MassChallenge, Jibran is not only responsible for coordinating with the Events, Partnerships, and Marketing teams to make sure the entire world knows what’s going on in the startup accelerator through digital content, but he also dedicates himself to amplifying the amazing stories the MassChallenge startups have to tell on a daily basis. 

Prior to joining MassChallenge, Jibran interned at the Law Offices of Carlos Estrada and the Alliance for Business Leadership. Jibran loves Lord of the Rings and chocolate milk – but what he loves most of all is peace, quiet, and good tilled Earth.

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