Microsoft Garage Interns Create Impressive Products at NERD Center

| MSNE Staff

Project Santorini team of Microsoft Garage interns based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. (L-R: Maddy Leger, Anna Pfoertsch, John Martin, Veronica Lee, Georgie Halpern, Arianna Benson, Connor Cooper, Katy Ma, Larry Guo and Subby Olubeko)

The student interns of The Garage made an impact this summer by applying their experiences and knowledge to develop three customer-centric products.

Within 12 weeks, the three teams of innovative interns worked on their experiments, which have all been shipped as initial invite-only releases.

Take a look at their final projects:

  • Project Santorini, a Windows 10 UWP photo viewing experience, asks “What if there was a more serendipitous and fun way of revisiting photo memories?”
  • Project Copenhagen, a Google Chrome extension, asks “Could we streamline how students use OneDrive with Gmail to make collaboration much easier?”
  • Project Oceana, a Google Chrome extension, asks “Can we make your email experience less stressful and time-consuming?”

You can try out the students’ projects by signing up at the Garage Workbench. If Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, is impressed, we think you will be too.

Read more about the Microsoft Garage internship program and how the interns developed their project on the Microsoft blog here.

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