Generation Citizen Civics Day: Empowering Massachusetts’ Young Changemakers

| Aimee Sprung


Twice each year, Generation Citizen hosts Civics Day at the Massachusetts State House. Civics Day is an opportunity for all of the GC students to showcase their work from the semester, demonstrate how they learned to identify the root cause of a civic issue, establish a plan and take action. It was at Civics Day in 2014 that I first discovered how GC is empowering young people to speak up and be heard.  From cafeteria food to youth violence, the GC students are learning how to explain their view point and motivate all of us to influence change in the community.

Now, as a member of the Boston Board of GC, I was honored to serve as a judge at the December 2015 Civics Day. Aliyah Jackson was named GC Student Changemaker and delivered an inspirational closing speech about her experience with GC and encouraging all students to engage:

“…we are never too young to fight for what we believe in. The future of our society is in our voices. We have the power to make a difference each and everyday. So what are we afraid of? We should work together as a whole and mold our future for the better. Our journey doesn’t stop here with Generation Citizen, it’s only just the beginning to the future we wish to see.”

Aliyah’s complete speech is posted here (video) and below:

YouTube Video

Want more? Here are some highlights from the most recent GC Civics Day:

What will inspire us at Generation Citizen’s 2016 Civics Days? I can’t wait to see.

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