Get Creative with The Center for Out of Office Excellence

| MSNE Staff

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that work isn’t your whole life, but it’s true. Life happens, and whether you’re away for an appointment, vacation, or a holiday, you can’t always be at your inbox. The Out of Office (OOO, or OOF) message has become a staple in the workplace, letting coworkers and clientele know that you’re unavailable without being dismissive. And this year, Microsoft is having fun with it.

We’re taking a creative approach to the OOO message by helping you tell the world that work can wait in a meme-like fashion. The Center for Out of Office Excellence is a do-it-yourself service that allows you to upload your own photo and add a creative filter onto it for a visual away message. Break away from the humdrum and add some fun to your outbox!

What’s the best OOF message you’ve seen? Our Director of Technology and Civic Engagement, Cathy Wissink, says, “I’d basically say the best OOF I ever saw was the one I got to write when I went on sabbatical for nine weeks :).”


Visit the Center for Out of Office Excellence to create your own Out Of Office Meme.

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