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| Sterling Kelly, Advanced Math And Science Academy Charter School

National Computer Science Education Week is this week and we will be participating in a number of events in the area. We are also proud to feature local computer science students as guest bloggers right here on the Microsoft New England blog. Each of these students are an inspiration, touting their STEM skills and dedication in our local schools.
— Kolleen Lambert, Business Program Manager, Technology and Civic Engagement and Aimee Sprung, Civic Engagement Manager — Microsoft New England

School: Advanced Math and Science Academy

Grade: 12th

CS Teacher: Mrs. Bandaru.

My father introduced me to the power of computer science at a very young age.  As a software engineer, my father was able to majestically craft a program in front of my eyes using a series of letters and characters that to me looked like gibberish.  Ever since that moment, I have wanted to follow in his footsteps.

The best aspect of computer science is its ability to jump the gap between reality and imagination.  Through the use of programming, one can create a world through simple lines of code or can perform operations which otherwise could take years to finish.  This new form of magic is available to anyone and everyone who can dedicate themselves to this idea.  There are no limits to what Computer Science can offer to the world.

My father is my mentor, as he has led and encouraged me to learn computer science beyond the school’s curriculum.  He has always provided me with the resources to learn new languages and discover new realms of programming.  As a result, I have an extensive knowledge of many different languages and concepts.

The most interesting and helpful thing I have ever made in Computer Science class is a study app for the AP US History Exam.  It allowed the user to study for the test using a variety of different terms and questions.  The most interesting part was creating a class hierarchy for the various types of questions and terms, and the entire process was a great way to spend time.

I felt that Computer Science was my favorite subject in school last year because coding, I feel, is very relaxing.  The problem solving is so interesting and it forces one to think in a different way, that few other subjects do.  One can feel as if they are even in a different world at times, providing the ultimate relaxation.

Looking for more coding opportunities? Find more coding tools and resources for students, parents, and educators at microsoft.com/hourofcode.

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