#CSEdWeek: Students Talk CS — Qiuyue Liu, Winchester High School

| Qiuyue Liu, Winchester High School

National Computer Science Education Week is this week and we will be participating in a number of events in the area. We are also proud to feature local computer science students as guest bloggers right here on the Microsoft New England blog. Each of these students are an inspiration, touting their STEM skills and dedication in our local schools.
— Kolleen Lambert, Business Program Manager, Technology and Civic Engagement and Aimee Sprung, Civic Engagement Manager — Microsoft New England


School: Winchester High School

Grade: 12th

CS Teacher: David Petty


My first experience with computer science was almost an accident: my friend started a computer science club and invited me to join. I went to the first meeting just to support the friend. I immediately fell in love with the beauty of problem solving. That started my passion for computer science. Since then, I have been learning about problem solving, app developing, hacking, and so on.

My favorite part about Computer Science class is comparing people’s code and figuring out the “best solution.” Granted, there is never a single “best” solution. However, the process of learning from each other is priceless. I could always learn something new and cool from other people. Looking at other people’s solutions gives me thoughts about improving my own solution, too, which I cannot do on my own.

There are two people that I would consider as my mentors in computer science. One is my Computer Science teacher Mr. Petty. Mr. Petty not only taught me the class AP Computer Science, but also exposed me to a lot of other computer science related opportunities. The other is the Computer Science instructor Tamara Babaian. Tamara introduced me to the whole idea of problem solving with computer science and algorithm designing.

The coolest thing I have ever made is a mobile application that provides resources for the residents in our town. The app, 01890, has several features including emergency and non-emergency contacts, mental health resources, an easy way to text a tip, and links to useful websites. It is currently available on Google play store!

There are always infinite ways of approaching a problem—and it usually requires some or a lot of thinking. Working in team is always the way to go: other people can usually help you progress when you hit a wall. Computer Science is absolutely my favorite subject in the school. It is the one class that involves the most creativity, the most brain stretching and the most teamwork.

Looking for more coding opportunities? Find more coding tools and resources for students, parents, and educators at microsoft.com/hourofcode.

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