#CSEdWeek: Students Talk CS — Evan Przyborowski, Advanced Math And Science Academy Charter School

| Evan Przyborowski, Advanced Math And Science Academy Charter School

National Computer Science Education Week is this week and we will be participating in a number of events in the area. We are also proud to feature local computer science students as guest bloggers right here on the Microsoft New England blog. Each of these students are an inspiration, touting their STEM skills and dedication in our local schools.

— Kolleen Lambert, Business Program Manager, Technology and Civic Engagement and Aimee Sprung, Civic Engagement Manager — Microsoft New England

Evan Przyborowski-CS

School: Advanced Math and Science Academy

Grade: 12th

CS Teacher: Mrs. Bandaru

When I first came to AMSA I was eager to learn about computers. My dad worked as a computer programmer and sometimes showed me his work. I thought it was amazing to be able control a machine with mere words. That has led me to take all of the classes I could in high school involving CS, ranging from basic programming to cyber security analysis and everything in between.

Computer Science is different than any other class; it is always changing. As time goes on, so does technology; it evolves. Newer and newer ways of solving problems are created every day and it is amazing that we get the chance to use these methods in our classrooms. It’ not like a math class where there is only one set path; there are countless ways to overcome a problem, which opens up a new world of thinking. The more and more concepts change, the more I get interested in what lies ahead. That is my favorite aspect.

I took an Oracle class junior year and we learned all about the workings of databases. At the end of the year we combined our knowledge about business and computer science and made our own startup database company live project. I worked on the database architecture aspect of the project. Being able to help construct how data would flow through a server was very educational and eye opening.

Computer Science has always been the class I look forward to in my school day. It wasn’t always that way though. There were times when I was so frustrated with my errors in a problem that I wouldn’t want to come back in the next day, but I did, and would eventually solve it with some help from my peers and teachers. Like with everything in life, there are ups and downs, but I believe that it’s how you come back at the problem and conquer it. Computer science gave me this realization and proves to be my favorite class because of it.

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