Taking a 21st Century Approach to Innovation in Australia

JoinedUp Boston

Governments around the world are grappling with the concept of innovation: what is it? How does it benefit society? And how can the power of innovation be harnessed to benefit constituents? You may recall Microsoft New England had the pleasure of convening an Australian delegation in July to explore these topics and brainstorm the Boston best practices that could be leveraged in Australia.

We are honored to see this work begin to bear fruit “down under”, and are thrilled to see our Australian friends taking steps towards their own 21st century approach to innovation. We hope to continue to share and learn from our Australian colleagues.

See how Australia is leveraging some of Boston’s best practices in innovation:

Adelaide looks to Boston as SA government eyes future as tech startup centre — Australian Financial Review

Boston lessons for Roy, Husic — Australian Business Review

Joined-Up Innovation — Accelerating Australia’s Ecosystem

MICROSOFT: Australia has a lot to learn from startup powerhouse Massachusetts — Business Insider Australia

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