Fostering Innovation at the Roxbury Innovation Center

| MSNE Staff


The Roxbury Innovation Center (RIC) is teeming with success. Not only have two community sessions been successfully implemented by Microsoft’s own Eliza Mulcahy, but the sessions have also been free and open to the entire community. As we have mentioned in previous blog posts, we’re specifically excited that the RIC strives to foster innovation.

The Greater Boston community can only grow and serve constituents in a savvy manner if citizens have the ability to create new ventures. However, venture creation requires some pre-requisites: you need to know how to successfully run a business before you can start one. Likewise, you need to know the software you’ll be using to manage your venture, before your start-up can compete for a spot in an accelerator like MassChallenge! That’s where our RIC sessions come into the equation. The Microsoft New England team wanted to offer free sessions to the community to provide the 311 about successfully starting a start-up. While our sessions do vary in nature, each session seeks to impart a bit of innovation “wisdom” on participations.

The first of the sessions that Microsoft sponsored at RIC detailed the nuances of Excel: charts, graphs and excel sheets were thoroughly explained. Excel is a necessary skill in the world of business, start-ups and innovation, as it allows aspiring entrepreneurs to catalogue their thoughts in a cohesive manner. Each participant was given a Surface to follow along as a live demonstration illustrated all of the functions Excel can preform.

The most recent session Microsoft New England sponsored was a “breakfast” for small business owners during which Eliza explained the new Windows 10 software. Windows 10 provides users with sleek updates that assist with word processing and alleviate writing woes. Again, all participants were invited to see a live demonstration of the software.

We have two more sessions coming up in the near future, so be sure to attend!

  1. Website Design on 11/20
    Crash course demonstration specifically targeted for small businesses. Introduction to web design methods.
  2. Build Your First App on 12/7
    We all use apps every day, but have you ever thought, “I wish there was an app for that!?!” Now you can learn to build your very own app using Touchdevelop.