Microsoft Top Picks: 6 Not-to-Miss Events This Week

| MSNE Staff

Events 10-12

With an easy Monday, it can be hard to keep up with the rest of the week. Luckily, we’ve gathered the 6 not-to-miss events for you this week:

Boston TechBreakfast1) Boston Tech Breakfast
Tuesday, October 13, 8am — 10am
Microsoft New England R&D Center | 1 Memorial Drive | Cambridge
Twitter: @techbreakfast

Based on the popular TechBreakfast format, the Boston TechBreakfast is a “show and tell” format event where up to five different technologists will demo their technologies from a wide range of industries ranging from software to hardware, IT to Biotech, robotics to space tech. The event is “triple agnostic”. We don’t care if the technology is from a start up, a large company, a university, a government agency, or someone’s hobby. We are also agnostic as to the industry of the tech – it could be IT, biotech, robotics, aerospace, materials sciences, anything tech and innovative is cool. And we’re also region agnostic – even if you’re not from where we’re hosting, we want to see you and your technology!

logo2) Positioning Your Edtech Product
Tuesday, October 13, 6pm — 8pm
First Republic Bank | 160 Federal Street | Boston
Twitter: @learnlaunch

There is an industry problem, and you believe that you have a new and innovative solution. You’ve done your due diligence in assessing your audience, addressed basic branding questions, but you want to know more about how you can position your startup to enter the market with the biggest bang. Come learn how to assess whether you are friend or foe in the system, what stakeholders are buying your product/service, who’s using your product/service, and how to spin your story to the public.

3) hack/secure UX Designer Happy Hour
Wednesday, October 14, 6pm — 9pm
Accomplice | 25 First Street, Suite 303 | Cambridge

A viable, early stage, Cybersecurity product might be the most difficult of all startup products to build. Cybersecurity products must be flawless and exude a high level of credibility to the customer. This puts an immense amount of pressure on the design team to bring a disciplined and thoughtful approach to early stage product design and development.

global_199438674) How I started the first billion dollar software company
Wednesday, October 14, 6pm — 9pm
Microsoft New England R&D Center | 1 Memorial Drive | Cambridge
Twitter: @bostonphp

John Cullinane formed Cullinane Corporation, the first successful software products company in the computer industry, the first to have an IPO, the first listed on the NY Stock Exchange and the first to reach a billion dollars in valuation.

However, in reality what he did was be the first to figure out how to sell enough software as a product to make a profitable company out it. No one had done it previously, and very few have done it since. This is the same problem facing every software company today. Nothing has changed in the industry. All software companies would like to know how to sell their products more effectively. This is what he will focus on in his talk with particular emphasis on product messaging with the unique process he has for creating sales messages that work.

Code for America Summit5) Code for America Summit Recap & Mixer
Wednesday, October 14, 6:30pm — 9pm
Microsoft New England R&D Center | 1 Memorial Drive | Cambridge
Twitter: @CodeForBoston | @MSNewEngland

Please join Code for Boston and Microsoft for a special evening of discussion as we recap the 2015 annual Code for America Summit.

In case you missed it, Code for America’s Annual Summit was held in Oakland, CA on Sept 29 – Oct 2, and – as you might imagine – the Boston area was well-represented by a number of local civic technologists, including representatives from the cities of Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, MassIT, and more.

In order to share what we all learned at Summit with the larger community and to build on the great momentum from that event, we invite you to join us for an informal evening at NERD featuring a “flash panel” and Q&A with Summit attendees, breakout sessions with members of the Boston civic technology community including representatives from the City of Boston DoIT, 2015 Code for America Fellowship City Somerville, MassIT, Microsoft New England, the Metropolitan Area Planning Council, and of course, your Code for Boston core team.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 10.30.23 AM6) Fall for Tech Mixer
Thursday, October 15, 6pm
Blazing Paddles | 82 Lansdowne St | Boston
Twitter: @Tech_in_Motion

Join us at Blazing Paddles for a night of networking and drinking to celebrate the fall season! This event will be the perfect chance for you to wind down before the hectic holiday season. Whether you’re looking to pitch that idea you have wanted to start for a while, network with others in the tech community to advance your career, or even to just get more involved in the Boston tech community—this is your opportunity!



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