Meet Microsoft Civic Tech Scholar: Small Fry

| Grace Moore

Microsoft Civic Tech Scholar: Small Fry

Small businesses are one of the largest economic drivers in the United States – there are 28 million of us out there! At Small Fry, we believe they deserve a space in the vast ecosystem that makes up the Internet. What’s more—we know it’s possible to leverage technology to give the little guy a voice. To us, civic engagement is much more than a transaction—it’s a mindset that drives community development and creates better places.

Small Fry makes communities more vibrant by harnessing marketing tools and tapping into online opportunities for business growth. Our two-part model taps into the key economic drivers pushing community growth: young people and business owners. Small Fry bridges the gap by connecting these two groups to build the online presence of small businesses through services like email marketing and search engine optimization. Young people bring their digital skills to the table and generate earned income while building portfolios in a professional setting. Small businesses benefit from their fresh perspectives and online mastery to grow their customer base without wasting valuable time.

Consider your local coffee shop owner who knows each of her customers and their unique needs and desires. Her success—and your perfectly steamed cup of coffee—depends on her ability to continue attracting new customers and stay on top of her day-to-day responsibilities keeping the shop running. Online marketing gives her access to a new customer base, opens doors for local collaboration with others, and makes your neighborhood that much more inviting. Small Fry maximizes her time by bringing in marketing expertise with targeted projects, accessible pricing, and easy client communication. 

After a year of piloting our services with small businesses in the Bronx and East Harlem, we’ve arrived in Boston ready to scale. At MassChallenge, we’re pairing up with youth organizations, building new partnerships with local government, and connecting with business assistance organizations to reach the local community. Our first step is to get off the ground with 36 growing small businesses and 18 driven young people. Stay tuned on our progress, connect us to your favorite small business, or help us connect with a neighbor by finding us at

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