Every ‘Today’ is Earth Day

| Jennifer Hagen

einc_logoLast week we celebrated Earth Day. Every April 22 we have an opportunity to show support for our beautiful earth. People all around the globe pick up trash, plant trees, help animals that have been affected by pollution and raise awareness about the realities of climate change. Each year over 192 countries participate in this pro-environment day. But Earth Day is over and it will not be with us again for another whole year. The thing is, the earth needs us every day of the year. So, what are some things we can all do to help the earth in little ways every day?

We are “e” inc. “e” for Environment, “e” for Energy, “e” for Earth. We are an environmental science non-profit that brings the science of the planet to 6500 children each year. We lead action programs in multiple school districts helping students create and maintain projects to help protect the planet.

(L-R) The “e” inc. team in their education space in Charlestown, MA | Students at West Somerville Neighborhood School learning about the Web of Life with one of our “e” inc. educators | Fletcher Maynard Academy, in Cambridge, is one of the many schools who participate in “e” inc. programming

Here are some wonderful ideas that the students from “e” inc. are sending your way in order to help you make every day Earth Day. Every small thing you do as a Planet Protector adds up to a big change:




Planet Protector



Save Energy


Jen Hagen is an “e” inc. action educator. To learn more about “e” inc., head to their website.

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