You’re Invited — EdVestors 13th Annual Urban Education Showcase

| Aimee Sprung

logoIn the fall, I had the distinct honor to serve on the review panel for the new EdVestors Seed Fund. The seed fund allows the people closest to our students – teachers, administrators, and school leaders – to propose solutions and ideas to improve education opportunities in Boston Public Schools. This fund embodies the innovative spirit I see in Boston every day: identify a need and pilot a solution, start small so you can tweak and adjust it to really scale.

10 BPS projects received $10,000 from the EdVestors Seed Fund and on April 14, 2015 you can see how the solutions are developing. Please join us for the for EdVestors’ 13th Annual Showcase at District Hall. Register Online

I’m particularly excited to see all of the innovative applications of technology in the classroom! Some of the solutions recognized by the Seed Fund include:

  • Charlestown High School: Teacher observation and reflection through video
  • Edison K-8 School: Blending technology in the classroom to personalize student learning
  • Joseph Lee K-8 School: Individualized approaches to instruction to reach all students
  • KIPP Academy Boston Elementary: Problem-solving with Kindergarten engineering and robotics
  • New Mission High School: Supporting and empowering young men of color

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About the EdVestors Seed Fund

EdVestors’ new and nimble Seed Fund (the next generation of our Urban Education Investment Portfolio) offers educators an open call for problem-solving, experimentation and innovation in Boston schools. From technology in the classroom, to supporting teachers as learners, to meeting the needs of a wide range of students, Seed Fund projects are the solutions that teachers and school leaders have designed to solve the challenges they face every day in their classrooms. Some promising projects will earn larger, longer-term investment from EdVestors. And all will help us learn about new approaches to common problems so that more schools improve faster for more students.

Learn more about EdVestors here:

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